South Sudan 2014

Premier League 2014
South Sudan Cup 2014
Regional Cup Tournaments 2014

Premier League 2014

Participants (10):

Zone 1 (Juba)
   Malakia (Juba)
   Yei Central (Yei)
   Volcano (Torit)
   Villa United (Yambio)
   White Bull (Bor)

Zone 2 (Wau)
   Black Eagle (Wau) [aka Sogur Al-Aswad]
   Salaam (Raja)
   Salaam (Abyei)
   Salaam (Aweil)
   Tiger United (Kuajok)

First Stage

Round 1 [Nov 8]
Villa United (Yambio)     2-0 Volcano (Torit)
Yei Central (Yei)         1-1 White Bull (Bor)          
Black Eagle (Wau)         3-1 Salaam (Raja)
Tiger United (Kuajok)     3-1 Salaam (Aweil)      
Malakia (Juba)            bye Salaam (Abyei)                  

Round 2 [Nov 10]
Malakia (Juba)            2-1 Villa United (Yambio)     
Volcano (Torit)           2-1 Yei Central (Yei)
Black Eagle (Wau)         2-2 Salaam (Aweil)            
Salaam (Abyei)            1-0 Salaam (Raja)
White Bull (Bor)          bye Tiger United (Kuajok)     

Round 3
[Nov 12]
Malakia (Juba)            9-0 White Bull (Bor)          
Tiger United (Kuajok)     1-0 Salaam (Abyei)
Salaam (Aweil)            3-0 Salaam (Raja)
[Nov 13]
Villa United (Yambio)     3-3 Yei Central (Yei)
Volcano (Torit)           bye Black Eagle (Wau)        

Round 4 [Nov 14]
Malakia (Juba)            bt  Volcano (Torit)
White Bull (Bor)           -  Villa United (Yambio)
Black Eagle (Wau)          -  Salaam (Abyei)
Salaam (Raja)              -  Tiger United (Kuajok)
Yei Central (Yei)         bye Salaam (Aweil)      

Round 5 [Nov 16]
Malakia (Juba)           2-4 Yei Central (Yei)        
Volcano (Torit)          2-0 White Bull (Bor)          
Salaam (Aweil)           5-0 Salaam (Abyei)
Black Eagle (Wau)         -  Tiger United (Kuajok)
Villa United (Yambio)    bye Salaam (Raja)             

NB: top-2 of both groups (Malakia and Villa United from Juba and
    Black Eagle and Tiger United from Wau) qualified for final stage

Final Stage [in Wau]

Round 1 [Nov 22]
Malakia (Juba)           bt  Tiger United (Kuajok)
Black Eagle (Wau)        bt  Villa United (Yambio)    

Round 2 [Nov 25]
Villa United (Yambio)    1-0 Tiger United (Kuajok)
Black Eagle (Wau)        0-2 Malakia (Juba)           

Round 3 [Nov 27]
Black Eagle (Wau)        0-1 Tiger United (Kuajok)
Villa United (Yambio)    2-5 Malakia (Juba)           

Champions: Malakia (Juba)

South Sudan Cup 2014

9 participating teams in 2 groups

(The states of Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei affected by the current conflict 
 in the country were excluded.)
Group Juba
Dreams FC (Yei)
Malakia FC (Juba)
Tahrir FC (Rumbek)
Imatonga FC (Torit)
Group Wau
Al-Salam FC (Kuajok)
Al-Ghazal FC (Wau)
Ngok FC (Abyei)
Amal (Raja)   
Eslah FC (Awiel)
Round 1

First Legs
[Aug 10]
Dream                     1-1 Malakia
Al-Ghazal                 ppd Ngok
[Aug 11]
Tahrir                     -  Imatonga
Amal                       -  Eslah
Al-Salam                  bye
Second Legs
[Aug 14]
Malakia                   5-0 Dream
Ngok                       -  Al-Ghazal                 [Al-Ghazal won on agg]
Eslah                      -  Amal                      [Eslah won on agg]     
Imatonga                   -  Tahrir                    [Tahrir won on agg] 
Al-Salam                  bye                     
[Aug 19]
Malakia                   3-1 Tahrir
Al-Ghazal                  -  Eslah
NB: unclear how Salam were eliminated and what was the point of the pre-semifinals


First Legs      
Eslah                     2-1 Malakia
Tahrir                    0-0 Al-Ghazal    
Second Legs
Malakia                   5-1 Eslah
Al-Ghazal                 2-0 Tahrir
Final [Aug 31]
Al-Malakia (Juba)         1-0 Al-Ghazal (Wau)     

South Sudan Super Cup 2015

NB: between champions and cup winners; as Malakia won both, losing cup finalists
    Ghazal entered; described as the second edition but no information on the first
    has been found, and neither was the result of the match below 

[Jan 13, 2015, Juba]
Al-Malakia (Juba)          -  Al-Ghazal (Wau)     

Regional Cup Tournaments 2014

Central Equatoria

NB: over 40 teams from the first and second division are expected to participate
    in the tournament; start: Mar 14
Round 1
[Mar 14]
Sun FC                     -  Nile FC                   [both teams from Second Division]
[Mar 15]
Amal Al-Hurra              -  Tahrir FC
[Mar 15]
Sun FC                    3-1 Tahrir FC                 [Tahrir out of the competition]
[Mar 17?]
Simba FC                  7-2 Gelba Al-Aswet            [Gelba out of competition]
[Mar 18]
Gudele                     -  Nyakuron
Round 2
Amal Al-Hurra              -  Malakia FC
[Mar 23]
Sun Bakhita FC             -  Etihad FC

Northern Bahr al-Ghazal

Start: Feb 20

[Feb 22]
Madwanj FC                 -  Day Star 
[Feb 24]
El-Mehrik FC              2-1 Hai Tuch FC          



list of champions and cup winners.

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