Bhutan - List of Champions

Teachers brought football to Bhutan in the 1950s. The game declined after a promising start and it took Buddhist monk Khyentse Norbu to revive it in the 1990s.
1986    Royal Bhutan Army
1986-95   not known
1996    Druk Pol
1997    Druk Pol
1998    Druk Pol
1999    Druk Pol
2000    Druk Pol

A Division (Thimphu)
2001    Drukstars
2002    Druk Pol
2003    Druk Pol
2004    Transport United 
2005    Transport United 
2006    Transport United 
2007    Transport United  
2008    Yeedzin
2009    Drukstars  
2010    Yeedzin
2011    Yeedzin
2012    Druk Pol
2013    Yeedzin
2014    Druk United
2015    FC Tertons
2016    Thimphu City FC
2017    Thimphu City FC
2018    Transport United  
2019    Tensung FC            [*]

[*] since 2019, the Thimphu league is not anymore contested by the best local clubs
    and has effectively become a third tier competition.

NB: Druk Pol known as Royal Bhutan Police until 1996;
    Royal Bhutan Army later renamed Tensung FC

Number of Titles A Division (18; between 2001 and 2018)

 5 Transport United 

 4 Yeedzin

 3 Druk Pol

 2 Drukstars
   Thimphu City FC

 1 Druk United
   FC Tertons

National League

2012/13 Yeedzin (Thimphu)
2013    Ugyen Academy (Punakha)
2014    Druk United (Thimphu)
2015    FC Tertons (Thimphu)
2016    Thimphu City FC (Thimphu)
2017    Transport United (Thimphu)
2018    Transport United (Thimphu)
2019    Paro FC (Paro)
2020    Thimphu City FC (Thimphu)
2021    Paro FC (Paro)
2022    Paro FC (Paro)
2023    Paro FC (Paro)

Number of Wins (12)

 4 Paro FC (Paro)

 2 Thimphu City FC (Thimphu)
   Transport United (Thimphu)

 1 Druk United (Thimphu)
   FC Tertons (Thimphu)
   Ugyen Academy (Punakha)
   Yeedzin (Thimphu)

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