France - Coupe des Clubs Champions des Departements d'Outre-Mer 1989

Coupe D.O.M. 1989

First edition

Semifinals [June 14 in Gagny]
Zénith Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe]	2-0 Excelsior [Martinique] 
SS Sainte-Louisienne [Réunion]		2-1 Geldar Kourou [Guyane]

Final [June 16 in Parc-des-Princes, Paris; att.2500]
SS Sainte-Louisienne [Réunion]		3-3 [4-2 pen] Zénith Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe]
 (Ely 9, Viadere 71 pen, Imboula 88; Laborde 23 ag, D.Bazile 43, Bernos 86)
SS Sainte-Louisienne [Réunion]
  Boucher, Valmy, Kidgi, Viadere, Laborde, Dolphin (Trules 72), Tossem,
  Ely (Imboula 55), Rakotova, Dirollo, Decotter.
  Trainer : Jacques Robert.
Zénith Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe]
  Faillot, J.Bazile, Lalande, R.Vilmen, Loyson, Celliez, Corneille,
  Quermel, S.Vilmen, Bernos (Sommier 60), D.Bazile.
  Trainer : Edouard Eliza.

1975 (Antilles-Guyane)


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