France - Coupe des clubs champions d'Outremer (Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M.)

D.O.M. stands for Départements d'Outre-Mer, which include French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion. (The other two D.O.M.s, Mayotte and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, used not to enter as the standard of their football is too low, but Mayotte have gained entry since 2004.)

T.O.M. stands for Territoires d'Outre-Mer, which includes Tahiti and New Caledonia. (The other two T.O.M.s are Wallis-et-Futuna (whose standard of football is much lower) and the Arctic and Southern Islands territories, which are uninhabited.)

The Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M. is played between the winners of the Coupe D.O.M. and a playoff between the champions of Tahiti and New Caledonia, first played in December 1996.

In 2004 the tournament was renamed Coupe des clubs champions d'Outremer.

The official name for the Coupe D.O.M. is Challenge Yves Jean-Jean; the official name for the Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M. is Challenge Napoléon Spitz.

In 1963 a tournament for the champions of Guadeloupe, Martinique ("Antilles") and (French) Guyane was held, a forerunner of the Coupe D.O.M. first held in 1989; it is not known whether more editions took place.

Coupe D.O.M.

NB: since 2004 (when the Coupe des clubs champions d'Outremer replaced
    the Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M.), the Réunion champions do not enter the
    Coupe D.O.M. (which became the Éliminatoires Antilles-Guyane)
    anymore, but play off with the Mayotte champions for the right to
    enter the Coupe des clubs champions d'Outremer.

Year Venue          Winners
1963 Cayenne        Assaut Saint-Pierre [Martinique]
1964 Capesterre     CS Capesterrien [Guadeloupe]  
1965     not held
1966 Fort-de-France Assaut Saint-Pierre [Martinique]
1967     unknown
1968 Capesterre     ASL Le Sport Guyanais [Guyane]
1969 Martinique     AS Eclair [Martinique]
1970 Cayenne        ASL Le Sport Guyanais [Guyane]
1971 Capesterre     Gauloise [Guadeloupe]
1972     unknown (not held?)
1973                Olympique Marin [Martinique]               (1-0  ASL Sport Guyanais Cayenne [French Guyana])
1974 Fort-de-France CS Vauclinois [Martinique]
1975 Guyane           not known
1976-88  unknown whether Antilles-Guyane tournaments were played
1989 Paris          SS Saint-Louisienne [Réunion]              (3-3 [aet, 4-2 pen] Zénith Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe])
1990 Pointe-à-Pitre JS Saint-Pierroise [Réunion]               (2-0 SC Kouroucien [Guyane])
1991 Saint-Denis    JS Saint-Pierroise [Réunion]               (1-0 Solidarité Scolaire [Guadeloupe])
1992 Fort-de-France Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe]          (1-0 Aiglon du Lamentin [Martinique])
1993 Cayenne        US Sinnamary [Guyane]                      (2-1 US Robert [Martinique])
1994 Paris          Club Franciscain Le François [Martinique]  (2-1 US Sinnamary [Guyane])
1995 Le Gosier      JS Saint-Pierroise [Réunion]               (bt  Arsenal [Guadeloupe])
1996 Paris          CS Saint-Denis [Réunion]                   (1-0 [aet] Club Franciscain [Martinique])
1997 Fort-de-France Club Franciscain Le François [Martinique]  (8-3 CS Saint-Denis [Réunion])
1998 Cayenne        SS Saint-Louisienne [Réunion]              (2-0 Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe])
1999 Basseterre     SS Saint-Louisienne [Réunion]              (2-1 Racing Club Basseterre [Guadeloupe]
2000 Le Tampon      US Stade Tamponnaise [Réunion]             (4-0 Club Franciscain Le François [Martinique])
2001 Fort-de-France Club Franciscain Le François [Martinique]  (2-1 Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe])
2002 Cayenne        SS Saint-Louisienne [Réunion]              (2-0 Club Franciscain Le François [Martinique])
2003 Paris          Club Franciscain Le François [Martinique]  (3-1 [aet] Phare du Canal [Guadeloupe])
Éliminatoires Antilles-Guyane
2004 Basseterre     Racing Club [Guadeloupe]                   2nd: Club Franciscain [Martinique]          
2005 Martinique     ASC Le Geldar [Guyane]                     2nd: Club Franciscain [Martinique]          
2006 Cayenne        Club Franciscain [Martinique]              2nd: US Matoury [Guyane]
2007                Club Franciscain [Martinique]              2nd: Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe]
Coupe des Clubs Champions Antilles-Guyane
2009 Cayenne        CS Moulien [Guadeloupe]                    (2-1 ASC Le Geldar [Guyane])
2010 Baie-Mahault   RC Rivière-Pilote [Martinique]             (1-0 ASC Le Geldar [Guyane])
2011 Fort-de-France Club Colonial [Martinique]                 (2-0 CS Moulien [Guadeloupe])

Number of Titles (since 1989):

 6 Club Franciscain Le François [won 10 times including 2007]

 4 SS Saint-Louisienne

 3 JS Saint-Pierroise

 1 Club Colonial 
   Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau 
   ASC Le Geldar 
   CS Moulien
   CS Saint-Denis 
   Racing Club (Basseterre)
   RC Rivière-Pilote 
   US Sinnamary
   US Stade Tamponnaise
By Territory:

 9 Réunion

 8 Martinique

 3 Guadeloupe

 2 Guyane


Year Venue          Guadeloupe           Guyane               Martinique           Réunion
1963 Cayenne        Cygne Noir           Racing Club          Assaut
1964-88  unknown whether Antilles-Guyane tournaments were played
1989 Paris          Zénith               ASC Geldar Kourou    Excelsior            SS Saint-Louisienne
1990 Pointe-à-Pitre Etoile               SC Kourou            US Marinoise         JS Saint-Pierroise
1991 Saint-Denis    Solidarité Scolaire  Club Colonial        Aiglon du Lamentin   JS Saint-Pierroise
1992 Fort-de-France Etoile               Club Colonial        Aiglon du Lamentin   US Stade-Tamponnaise
1993 Cayenne        Solidarité Scolaire  US Sinnamary         US Robert            US Stade-Tamponnaise
1994 Paris          CS Moulien           US Sinnamary         Club Franciscain     JS Saint-Pierroise
1995 Le Gosier      Arsenal              AS Jahouvey Mana     US Marinoise         JS Saint-Pierroise
1996 Paris          Red Star             Club Colonial        Club Franciscain     CS Saint-Denis  
1997 Fort-de-France Etoile               US Sinnamary         Club Franciscain     CS Saint-Denis  
1998 Cayenne        Etoile               AS Jahouvey Mana     Aiglon du Lamentin   SS Saint-Louisienne
1999 Basse-Terre    Racing Club          AJ Saint Georges     Club Franciscain     SS Saint-Louisienne
2000 Le Tampon      Juventus Ste-Anne    AJ Saint Georges     Club Franciscain     US Stade-Tamponnaise
2001 Fort-de-France Etoile               ASC Geldar Kourou    Club Franciscain     AS Marsouins
2002 Cayenne        Etoile               AJ Saint Georges     Club Franciscain     SS Saint-Louisienne
2003 Paris          Phare                US Matoury           Club Franciscain     SS Saint-Louisienne
2004 Basseterre     Racing Club          ASC Geldar Kourou    Club Franciscain       -
2005 Martinique [1] AS Gosier            ASC Geldar Kourou    Club Franciscain       - 
2006 Cayenne        JS Vieux-Habitants   US Matoury           Club Franciscain       -
2007                Etoile               US Macouria          Club Franciscain       -

[1] in Le Lamentin and Dillon

Championnat des Territoires Français du Pacifique (Coupe T.O.M.)

NB: held since 1996 between the champions of New Caledonia [NC] and Tahiti [T];
    to determine the pacific qualifiers for the Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M. (since
    2004 Coupe des clubs champions d'Outremer)

Year Venue          Winners
1996 Nouméa         AS Manu Ura [T]            1-2 3-0 JS Traput [NC]           
1997 Nouméa         AS Vénus [T]               0-0 1-1 JS Baco [NC]             [2nd leg aet, 5-4 pen]
1998 Papeete        AS Vénus [T]               4-0 6-2 AS Poum [NC]            
1999 Nouméa         AS Vénus [T]               0-0 2-1 FC Gaïtcha [NC]           
2000 Pirae          AS Vénus [T]               2-0 2-1 JS Baco [NC]           
2001 Nouméa         AS Pirae [T]               3-2 3-1 JS Baco [NC]           
2002 Pirae          AS Vénus [T]               0-0 1-0 AS Mont-Dore [NC]            
2003 Nouméa         AS Magenta [NC]            2-2 2-2 AS Pirae [T]             [2nd leg aet, 4-3 pen]
2004 Paea/Papeete   AS Manu Ura [T]            1-1 2-1 AS Magenta [NC]            
2005 Nouméa         AS Magenta [NC]            4-1 3-1 AS Tefana [T]     
2006 Papeete        AS Tefana [T]              2-0 0-0 AS Mont-Dore [NC]            
2007 Nouméa         AS Pirae [T]               3-0 2-2 JS Baco [NC]

Number of Titles:

 5 AS Vénus

 2 AS Magenta
   AS Manu Ura
   AS Pirae
 1 AS Tefana

By Territory):

10 Tahiti

 2 New Caledonia

Eliminatoires zône Océan Indien

NB: held since 2004 between champions of Réunion [R] and Mayotte [M] to
    determine the zonal qualifiers for the Coupe des clubs champions d'Outremer
Year Venue          Winners
2004 Reunion [1]    US Stade Tamponnaise [R]   3-0 2-0 FC Kanibé [M]
2005 Kavani         AS Sada [M]                2-0 1-0 US Stade Tamponnaise [R]
2006 Le Tampon      US Stade Tamponnaise [R]   1-0 4-0 FC M'tsapéré [M]
2007 Mamoudzou      US Stade Tamponnaise [R]   1-0 2-3 FC M'tsapéré [M]         [2nd leg aet, 4-1 pen]

[1] 1st leg in Saint-Pierre, 2nd leg in Le Tampon

Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M.

Date       Venue      Final
 2- 4-1997 Paris      CS Saint-Denis [Réunion]        4-0 AS Manu Ura [Tahiti]
25- 2-1998 Marseille  Club Franciscain [Martinique]   3-2 AS Vénus [Tahiti]  
 2- 6-1999 Lens       AS Vénus [Tahiti]               2-2 SS Saint-Louisienne [Réunion]   [aet, 4-2 pen]
 2- 9-2000 Paris      SS Saint-Louisienne [Réunion]   1-0 AS Vénus [Tahiti]
14- 8-2001 Caen       US Stade Tamponnaise [Réunion]  4-1 AS Vénus [Tahiti]
17- 4-2002 St.Denis   AS Piraé [Tahiti]               1-0 Club Franciscain [Martinique]
30- 4-2003 St.Denis   SS Saint-Louisienne [Réunion]   2-1 AS Vénus [Tahiti]  
17- 4-2004 Viry-Ch.   Club Franciscain [Martinique]   3-2 AS Magenta [New Caledonia]

Number of Titles:

 2 Club Franciscain 
   SS Saint-Louisienne

 1 CS Saint-Denis
   AS Piraé
   US Stade Tamponnaise
   AS Vénus

By Territory:

 4 Réunion

 2 Martinique

Coupe des clubs champions d'Outremer

New name for Coupe D.O.M.-T.O.M. after the 2004 edition.

26- 9-2004 Courneuve  US Stade Tamponnaise [Réunion]  1-0 Club Franciscain [Martinique] 
11- 9-2005 Paris      ASC Le Geldar [Guyane]          1-0 AS Sada [Mayotte]
23- 9-2006 Courneuve  Club Franciscain [Martinique]   2-1 US Stade Tamponnaise [Réunion]
23- 9-2007 Colombes   US Stade Tamponnaise [Réunion]  3-0 Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau [Guadeloupe]

Number of Titles:

 2 US Stade Tamponnaise

 1 Club Franciscain 
   ASC Le Geldar

By Territory:

 2 Réunion

 1 Guyane

Coupe des DOM (from 2008 on)

For departmental representations.

 4-10-2008 Créteil    Réunion                         1-0 Martinique
 2-10-2010 Créteil    Martinique                      0-0 Réunion                         [aet, 5-3 pen]
29- 9-2012 Sannois    Réunion                         2-2 Martinique                      [10-9 pen]

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