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The first real national football clubs league in Iran started in 1970. Until, the strongest regional league was that of Tehran, for which an incomplete list of champions is available here.

Regional League

1970/71 Taj 
1971/72 Perspolis (Tehran)
1972/73   not held

Takhte Jamshid League

1973/74 Perspolis (Tehran)
1974/75 Taj (Tehran)
1975/76 Perspolis (Tehran)
1976/77 Paas (Tehran)
1977/78 Paas (Tehran)
1978/79   not completed due to revolution


No national championships were held, only regional ones (e.g. the
Herdah-Shahrivar League in Tehran, won by Perspolis in 1988).
In 1985 the Quds League, featuring nine provincial selections (Tehran A, Tehran B, Esfehan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Khorasan, Fars, East Azerbaijan and Khuzestan) was established; it was contested on four occasions before becoming a club league in the 1989/90 season, the last it was held.

Qods League

between provincial selections
1985/86 Tehran A
1986/87 Esfehan
1987/88 Esfehan
1988/89 Tehran A 
between clubs
1989/90 Esteghlal (Tehran)

Azadegan League

1991/92 Paas (Tehran)
1992/93 Paas (Tehran)
1993    Saipa (Tehran)
1994/95 Saipa (Tehran)              
1995/96 Perspolis (Tehran)
1996/97 Perspolis (Tehran)
1997/98 Esteghlal (Tehran)
1998/99 Perspolis (Tehran)
1999/00 Perspolis (Tehran)
2000/01 Esteghlal (Tehran)

Iran Premier League

2001/02 Perspolis (Tehran)
2002/03 Sepahan (Isfahan) 
2003/04 Paas (Tehran)
2004/05 Foolad (Ahvaz) 
2005/06 Esteghlal (Tehran)
2006/07 Saipa (Tehran)
2007/08 Perspolis (Tehran)
2008/09 Esteghlal (Tehran)
2009/10 Sepahan (Isfahan) 
2010/11 Sepahan (Isfahan) 
2011/12 Sepahan (Isfahan) 
2012/13 Esteghlal (Tehran)
2013/14 Foolad (Ahvaz) 
2014/15 Sepahan (Isfahan) 
2015/16 Esteghlal Khuzestan (Ahvaz)
2016/17 Perspolis (Tehran)
2017/18 Perspolis (Tehran)
2018/19 Perspolis (Tehran)
2019/20 Perspolis (Tehran)
2020/21 Perspolis (Tehran)
2021/22 Esteghlal (Tehran)
2022/23 Perspolis (Tehran)
2023/24 Perspolis (Tehran)


[1] Shahin FC were dissolved on July 6, 1967; its players moved to Perspolis
    (founded 1963).
[2] Perspolis was renamed Piroozi in 1986 but returned to the 'old' name 
    later, which always was used in preference to Piroozi in Iran itself.
[3] Taj changed name to Esteghlal in 1979.

Number of Titles (41: 34 since 1989, 7 before)

 16  Perspolis (Tehran)     (3 before 1989) 

  9  Esteghlal (Tehran)     (2 before 1989) (includes Taj)

  5  Paas (Tehran)          (2 before 1989)
     Sepahan (Isfahan) 

  3  Saipa (Tehran)

  2  Foolad (Ahvaz) 

  1  Esteghlal Khuzestan (Ahvaz)

NB: Saipa play home matches in Karadj since 2001, but the club's
      administration and training facilities remained in Tehran;
    Paas sold their license to Alvand Hamedan for the 2007/08
      season and dissolved

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