Kazakhstan - List of Champions

In the 1913/14 season the first Kazakhstan football clubs appeared, in Semipalatinsk: SSK, Olimp, Lastochka, Orlyata and FC Yarysh. In Pavlodar, the first clubs were Yastreb and Zvyozdochka, in the 1915/16 season. The first football field in Kazakhstan appeared 1921 in Zhambul. The first official football tournament was held 1928 in Petropavlovsk among provinces of the Kazakh SSR.

Until the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Kazakh championship was played for in a regional league without the presence of the clubs representing the republic at the national levels. In 1980 and 1981, one 3rd level 'Zone' comprised mostly clubs from Kazakhstan but a few from towns outside such as Frunze (now Bishkek); only from the 1982 season on did Kazakhstan have an 'own' 3rd level Zone.

before independence (as Kazakh SSR)
Year    Champions                           Runners-Up                          Third
NB: note that in most seasons, the best Kazakh clubs did not play at the republic level,
    which in later seasons corresponded to the 3rd or 4th tier of the Soviet football pyramid

1936    Sbornaya Alma-Aty                   Sbornaya Aktyubinsk XI
1937    Dinamo Alma-Ata                     Dinamo Chimkent                     Dinamo Semipalatinsk             
1938    Dinamo Alma-Ata                     Sbornaya Chimkent 
1939-45  no championship
1946    Dinamo Alma-Ata                     Lokomotiv Jambul                    Metallurg Vostka Chimkent
1947    Lokomotiv Jambul                    Trudovye reservy Aktyubinsk         Dinamo Karaganda
1948    Trudovye rezervy Alma-Ata           Trudovye reservy Aktyubinsk         Lokomotiv Jambul
1949    Dinamo Karaganda                    Dinamo Jambul                       Dinamo Aktyubinsk
1950    Sbornaya Alma-Aty                   Sbornaya Chimkent                   Sbornaya Jambul
1951    Metallurg Chimkent                  Iskra Alma-Ata                      Dinamo Semipalatinsk   
1952    Metallurg Chimkent                  Lokomotiv Jambul                    Neftanik Gurev
1953    Metallurg Chimkent                  Neftanik Gurev                      Dinamo Alma-Ata
1954    Dinamo Alma-Ata                     Dinamo Semipalatinsk                Metallurg Chimkent
1955    Dinamo Alma-Ata                     Dinamo Akmolinsk                    Neftanik Gurev
1956    Sbornaya Alma-Aty                   Sbornaya Gurev                      Sbornaya Pavlodar
1957    Stroitel Alma-Ata                   Spartak Alma-Ata                    Shakhtyor Karaganda    
1958    Spartak Alma-Ata                    Shakhtyor Saran'                    Trudovye reservy Karaganda
1959    Spartak Alma-Ata                    Dinamo Jambul                       Yenbek Semipalatinsk
1960    Yenbek Guryev                       Avangard Jambul                     Spartak Pavlodar
1961    Avangard Petropavlovsk              Vostok Ust-Kamenogorsk              ADK Alma-Ata
1962    ADK Alma-Ata                        Metallurg Temirtau                  GSK Semipalatinsk
1963    Tsementnik Semipalatinsk            ADK Alma-Ata                        Stroitel Gurev
1964    ADK Alma-Ata                        Metallurg Temirtau                  Gornak Kentau
1965    ADK Alma-Ata                        Metallurg Temirtau                  Aktyubrentgen Aktyubinsk
1966    Aktyubrentgen Aktyubinsk            Avtomobilist Alma-Ata               Gornak Jezkangan
1967    Torpedo Kokchetav                   Gornak Kentau                       Irtysh Semipalatinsk 
Zone Kazakhstan (3rd level)
1968    Yenbek Jezkazgan                    ADK Alma-Ata                        Metallurg Temirtau
1969    Traktor Pavlodar                    Tsementnik Semipalatinsk            Yenbek Jezkazgan   
1970    Tsementnik Semipalatinsk            Traktor Pavlodar                    Leninogorets Leninogorsk
Kazahstan SSR League (4th level)
1971    Yenbek Jezkangan                    Metallist Petropavlovsk             Metalurg Balkhas
1972    Traktor Pavlodar                    Metallurg Ermak                     Trud Shevchenko
1973    Metallurg Chimkent                  Shakhtyor Yekibastuz                Bulat Temirtau
1974    Gornyak Nikol'sky                   Khimik Stepnogorsk                  Shakhtyor Yekibastuz      
1975    Metallurg Chimkent                  Aktyubrentgen Aktyubins             Metallist Petropavlovsk
1976    Khimik Stepnogorsk                  Burevestnik Kustanay                Trud Shevchenko
1977    Khimik Stepnogorsk                  Trud Shevchenko                     Gornak Karazhal
1978    Trud Shevchenko                     Vostokmash Ust-Kamenogorsk          Khimik Stepnogorsk
1979    Khimik Stepnogorsk                  Meliorator Chimkent                 Fosforit Karatau
1980    Meliorator Chimkent                 Gornak Karazhal                     Vostokmas Ust-Kamenogorsk
1981    Burevestnik Kustanay                Gornak Karazhal                     Fosforit Karatau
Zone 7 (3rd level, included teams from other republics)
1980    Traktor Pavlodar      
1981    Aktyubinets Aktyubinsk   
Zone 8 (3rd level)
1982    Shakhtyor Karaganda                 Meliorator Chimkent                 Khimik Jambul
1983    Shakhtyor Karaganda                 Traktor Pavlodar                    Meliorator Chimkent
1984    Tselinnik Tselinograd               Shakhtyor Karaganda                 Khimik Jambul                
1985    Meliorator Chimkent                 Tselinnik Tselinograd               Traktor Pavlodar
1986    Meliorator Chimkent                 Khimik Jambul                       Tselinnik Tselinograd            
1987    Meliorator Chimkent                 Traktor Pavlodar                    Khimik Jambul
1988    Traktor Pavlodar                    Alga Frunze                         Energetik Kustanay
1989    Traktor Pavlodar                    Alga Frunze                         Tselinnik Tselinograd  
1990    Vostok Ust'-Kamenogorsk             Zhetysu Taldy-Kurgan                Spartak Semipalatinsk 
1991    Aktyubinets Aktyubinsk              Spartak Semipalatinsk               Kustanayets Kustanay

as independent championship
1992    Kairat Almaty
1993    Ansat Pavlodar
1994    Yelimay Semipalatinsk
1995    Yelimay Semipalatinsk
1996    Taraz Jambul
1997    Irtysh Pavlodar
1998    Yelimay Semipalatinsk
1999    Irtysh Bastau Pavlodar  
2000    Zhenis Astana
2001    Zhenis Astana
2002    Irtysh Pavlodar  
2003    Irtysh Pavlodar  
2004    Kairat Almaty         
2005    Aktobe LenTo
2006    FK Astana (1964)
2007    FK Aktobe
2008    FK Aktobe
2009    FK Aktobe
2010    Tobil Qostanay
2011    Shakhtyor Qaraghandi  
2012    Shakhtyor Qaraghandi  
2013    FK Aktobe   
2014    FK Astana (2009)
2015    FK Astana (2009)
2016    FK Astana (2009)
2017    FK Astana (2009)
2018    FK Astana (2009)
2019    FK Astana (2009)
2020    Kairat Almaty  
2021    Tobil Qostanay
2022    FK Astana (2009)
2023    Ordabasi Shimkent

Number of Championships (32; since 1992)
 7 FK Astana (2009)

 5 FK Aktobe (includes Aktobe LenTo)
   Irtysh Pavlodar (includes Irtysh Bastau and Ansat)

 3 FK Astana (1964) (includes Zhenis Astana)
   Kairat Almaty    
   Yelimay Semipalatinsk

 2 Shakhtyor Qaraghandi 
   Tobil Qostanay 
 1 Ordabasi Shimkent
   Taraz Jambul

NB: a first club called FK Astana was founded in 1964, temporarily called Zhenis, and demoted to
      the second level in 2009, temporarily called Namis, later renamed FK Astana 64 and dissolved
      after the 2014 season;
    a second club called FK Astana was formed in 2009 (called Lokomotiv until 2011) by the merger 
      and subsequent relocation of two clubs from Almaty (Megasport and FK Almaty).

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