Mali - List of Champions

Prior to independence, Mali was part of French West Africa, and known as Soudan. Jeanne d'Arc (Bamako) (which later merged into Stade Malien) were champions of Soudan on 6 occasions, in 1950, 1951, 1952, 1955, 1956 and 1959. (For 1949/50, also Foyer du Soudan, created in 1944 as Amicale Sportive, are reported to have won the championship.) For other seasons, e.g. 1956/57, the champions are not known. Djoliba were formed as a 1961 merger of Foyer du Soudan and Africa Sports de Bamako. AS Réal de Bamako were formed Sep 19, 1960 as merger of Racing and Avenir.
1966    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1967    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1968    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1969    AS Réal (Bamako)
1970    Stade Malien (Bamako)
1971    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1972    Stade Malien (Bamako)
1973    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1974    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1975    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1976    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1977      not disputed
1978      not disputed
1979    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1980    AS Réal (Bamako) [?]
Championnat National
1980/81 AS Réal (Bamako)
1981/82 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1982/83 AS Réal (Bamako)
1983/84 Stade Malien (Bamako)
1984/85 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1985/86 AS Réal (Bamako)
1986/87 Stade Malien (Bamako)
1987/88 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1988/89 Stade Malien (Bamako)
1989/90 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1990/91   not awarded (season abandoned due to coup d'etat)
1991/92 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1992/93 Stade Malien (Bamako)
1993/94   not disputed (due to African Nations Cup 1994)
1994/95 Stade Malien (Bamako)
1995/96 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1996/97 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1997/98 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1998/99 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
1999/00 Stade Malien (Bamako) 
2000/01 Stade Malien (Bamako) 
2002    Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2002/03 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2004    Djoliba AC (Bamako)
2005    Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2005/06 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2007    Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2007/08 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
2008/09 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
2009/10 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2010/11 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2011/12 Djoliba AC (Bamako)
2012/13 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2013/14 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2014/15 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2016    Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2017      not awarded (season abandoned)
2018      not disputed
2019/20 Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2021    Stade Malien (Bamako)  
2021/22 Djoliba AC (Bamako)  
2022/23 AS Réal (Bamako)
2023/24 Djoliba AC (Bamako)  

NB: [Tra 02] additionally lists Djoliba AC as champions 1960 and
    AS Réal as champions 1964, with no league contested 1961-63 and 1965;
    AS Réal's 1980 title is unconfirmed

Number of Championships (52)

24 (15) Djoliba AC 

22 (20) Stade Malien

 6 ( 4) AS Réal

NB: totals between brackets are since 1980/81 (39 in all), the first season of
    the national league championship (first held in a single group in 1998/99);
    titles before 1980 apparently were contested between clubs from Bamako only

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