Sri Lanka 1998/99

"Bristol League" 

Round 1 [May 9]
Air Force SC     2-1     Renown SC
Saunders SC      6-1     Ratnams SC 
[others unknown]

[Jul 7?]
Army SC          7-0     Pettah United SC
Navy SC          2-0     Wanathamulla Youth SC
Renown SC        2-0     Hyline SC
Saunders SC      0-0     Jupiter SC
New Youngs SC    2-1     York SC
Old Bens SC      1-1     Cooray SC
Air Force SC     0-0     Police SC
Negombo Youth SC 0-0     Youngsters SC
Renown           2-1     Army
Saunders         2-1     Old Bens

Negombo Youth    2-1     Renown
Police           0-1     Negombo Youth
Renown          10-2     New Youngs SC
Saunders         6-0     Java Lane
Saunders         4-0     Cooray
Police           1-1     Maligawatte Youth
Army             1-1     Wanathamulla Youth
Old Bens         4-1     Java Lane
Ratnams          3-2     Old Bens

[dates unknown]
Jupiter          1-1     Renown
Jupiter          1-1     Ratnams

[some results have been appealed against]


 1.Saunders SC (Colombo)           19  16  2  1  71-10  50  Qualified
 2.Renown SC (Colombo)             19  14  3  2  59-16  45  Qualified
 3.Air Force SC (Colombo)          19  14  3  2  33- 7  45  Qualified
 4.Ratnam SC (Colombo)             19  12  5  2  44-21  41  Qualified
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 5.Jupiter SC (Negombo)            19  11  8  0  37-15  41
 6.Navy SC (Colombo)               19  11  5  3  39-15  38
 7.Youngsters SC (Kandona)         19   9  4  6  33-27  31
 8.Army SC (Colombo)               19   9  3  7  37-23  30
 9.Negombo Youth SC                19   9  2  8  33-27  29
10.Police SC (Colombo)             19   7  4  8  39-29  25
11.Cooray SC (Colombo)             19   7  3  9  26-35  24
12.Old Bens SC (Colombo)           19   7  2 10  30-35  23
13.Java Lane SC (Colombo)          19   3 13  3  15-58  22  [?? - cf. Hyline]
14.Wanathamulla Youth SC (Colombo) 19   5  6  8  23-27  21
15.New Youngs SC (Wennapuwa)       19   7  0 12  28-52  21
16.Maligawatte Youth SC (Colombo)  19   4  4 11  20-36  16
17.Red Diamond SC (Kandy)          19   4  2 13  21-49  14
18.Hyline SC (Kandy)               19   3  3 13  15-58  12
19.York SC (Kandy)                 19   1  5 13  16-51   8  
20.Pettah United SC (Colombo)      19   1  3 15  17-58   6

[8 more wins than losses; 12 more goals conceded than scored (Java Lane's
 goal record must be wrong)]

Semifinals [Dec 7, Colombo, Supathadasa Stadium]
Saunders        2-1     Air Force 
Ratnams         2-1     Renown
Final [Dec 11, 1999]
Saunders        2-0     Ratnams
  [Karunaratne 18, Perera 52]

Sri Lanka Cup 1998/99

Bristol Cup 1998/99

NB: the northern part of the country, under the control of Tamil separatists,
    did not take part.

Groups of Preliminary Round

Group 1
Youngsters SC (Kandana)
Eastern Youth SC
Gold Mine SC
Olympic SC (Amparai)
Sunny Mount SC
Comrades SC
Old Dutians SC
Pelawatte Sugar Industries SC (Badulla)
Young Stars SC (Kandana)
Grand Hotel SC (Nuwara Eliya)
Naseby Lake Side SC (Nuwara Eliya)
Red Wings SC (Nuwara Eliya)
Young Birds SC
Hatton Youth SC
Sri Padians
Renown SC
Young Brothers SC
Navy Sea Hawks SC (Colombo)
Sri Lanka Port Authority SC (Colombo)

Group 2
Old Bens SC (Colombo)
Young Mates SC
Hornessy SC
Fordyce SC
Old Anurudhians SC
Young Marians SC (Nawalapitya)
Gampola Youth SC (Gampola)
Red Star SC
Evershine SC
Young United SC
Green Park SC
Golden Star SC (Beruwela)
Hyline SC (Dangolla Kandy)
Stanley Jansz SC
Gajaba SC
Cameroon SC
Jolly Boys SC (Matale)
Eastern Eagle SC
Trincomalee Olympic SC (Trincomalee)

Group 3
Jupiter SC (Negombo)
Kandy York SC (Kandy)
Sun Rise SC (Kandy)
Red Diamond SC (Kandy)
Gampola United SC (Gampola)
Lions SC
Manchester SC
Manawella United SC (Manawella)
Serendib SC
Kegalle Youth SC (Kegalle)
Pelicans SC
Silver Tongues SC (Colombo)
Victory SC (Colombo)
Cooray SC (Colombo)
Vaeni SC
Eveready SC
Kirula Stars SC (Kirula)

Group 4
Police SC (Colombo)
Dynamic SC
Freedom SC 
Jetliners SC (Gampoha)
FC Fortuna SC
Malhara Youth SC (Malhara)
Makola United SC (Makola)
Thunders SC (Wattala)
Rangers SC (Negombo)
New Rome SC (Negombo)
Karuna United SC (Karuna)
Wimbledon SC
Odidas SC
New Friend SC (Puttalam)
Singha SC (Kurunegala)
Mahajana SC
Maligawatte Youth SC (Maligawatte)
Soccer Promoters SC
Young Victory SC

Group 5
Rantharu SC (Galle)
Negombo Youth SC (Negombo)
Martians SC
Old Vazians SC
Chilaw United SC (Chilaw)
Chilaw Youth SC (Chilaw)
Pearl SC
New Stars SC
Old Josephians SC
Rudra Playground SC
Kirillapone SC
Ratnam Playground SC
Army Bullets SC (Colombo)
Viking SC
Old Joes SC (Colombo)
Pettah United SC (Colombo)
Superstars SC

Group 6
Saunders SC (Colombo)
New Young SC (Wennapuwa)
St. Annes SC (Wennapuwa)
Bolton SC
Liverpool SC
Sputnic SC
Thotawatta SC
Tristar Apparel SC
Don Bosco SC (Negombo)
Western SC
Red Rose SC (Negombo)
Colpetty United SC (Colombo)
Java Lane SC (Colombo)
Soccerfans SC
Wanathamulla Youth SC (Colombo)
Young Silver SC
Wilikada Youth SC (Wilikada)
Sunny Mount SC (Mount Lavinia)
Crescent Light SC

Group 7
Air Force SC (Colombo)
Super Field SC
Ratmalana United SC (Ratmalana)
New Star SC (Kalutara)
Blue Star SC (Kalutara)
Galle United SC (Galle)
Galle Youth SC (Galle)
Golden Rise SC (Beruwela)
Super Sun SC
Young Men's SC
Sun Rise SC (Colombo)
Matara Youth SC (Matara)
Municipal SC
Sapphire SC (Ratnapura)
Seven Hearts SC
Ratnam SC (Colombo)
York SC (Colombo)
Premil SC (Kotahena)

Group 8
Renown SC (Colombo)
Moratuwa Katukurunda SC (Moratuwa)
New Star SC
Samagipura SC (Ratnapura)
Greenfield SC (Kalutara)
Super Beach SC (Kalutara)
Berberyn SC (Beruwela)
Golden Star SC   (Beruwela)
Golden Rise SC
Zavia SC (Beruwela)
Flying Arrows SC
Golden SC (Galle)
Munaweera SC (Matara)
Colombo Municipality SC (Colombo)
M.H. Mohammed Playground (Colombo)
Sri Lanka Transport Board SC (Colombo)
Carlton SC
Bellmount SC [aka Belmont SC]

Preliminary Round [partial?]
Pelawatte Sugar Industries SC   4-3   Red Wings SC Nuwara Eliya
Gold Mind SC                    3-0   Young Brothers SC
Cooray SC                       3-0   Kirula SC
Rangers SC Negombo              6-5   Singha SC Kurunegala           [aet]
Golden Galle SC                 6-3   Berberyn SC Beruwala
Sri Lanka Ports Authority SC    4-2   Young Stars
Victory SC                      4-2   Red Diamonds Kandy             [aet]
Maligawatte Youth SC            4-0   Soccer Promoters SC
Negombo Youth SC                7-0   Rudra Playground SC
New Youngs SC Wen-appuwa        4-2   Sunny Mount SC Colombo         [aet]
Old Joes SC Colombo             5-1   Super Stars SC
Walikada Youth SC               5-3   Crescent Light SC
Java Lane SC                    5-2   Red Rose SC Negombo            [aet]
Ratnams SC                      8-0   Seven Hearts SC
York SC                         3-0   Municipal SC   [aet]
Ratnam Playground SC            2-1   Anuradhapura United
Renown SC                      10-0   Sri Lanka Transport Board SC
Air Force SC                    4-0   Matara Youth 

Round 1 [partial?]
Matara Youth SC                 6-0   Golden Rise SC Beruwala
Hyline SC                       4-2   Young Marines SC Nawalapitya   [aet]
Soccerfans SC                   6-4   St. Anne's SC Wennappuwa
Old Anuradhians SC              8-0   Cameroon SC
Greenfield SC Kalutara          2-0   Gold Star SC Beruwala
Air Force SC                    1-1   Ratnams SC (Colombo)           [Air Force on pen]
Renown SC                      27-0   Golden Galle SC

Round 3 [partial?]
Trincomalee Olympics            8-1   Old Anuradhians
Jupiter SC Negombo              0-2   Cooray SC
Old Benedictans Colombo         2-0   Hyline SC Kandy
Java Lane SC                    2-0   Thotawatte SC
Carlton SC                      3-2   Belmont SC
Premil SC Kotahena              2-1   York SC Kandy
Old Joes Colombo                8-2   Pettah United SC Colombo
Army                            3-1   Negombo Youth Young Stars SC
Navy Sea Hawks                  2-0   Youngsters SC Kandana
Air Force SC                    3-0   Blue Stars SC Kalutara 
Police SC                       8-0   Wimbledon
Grand Hotel Nuwara Eliya        8-0   Olympic SC Amparai

Round 4
Air Force SC                    4-1   Premil SC Kotahena
Army SC                         4-1   Old Joes SC
Old Benedictans Colombo         3-0   Trincomalee Olympics
Saunders SC                     5-0   Java Lane SC
Navy Sea Hawks                  3-0   Grand Hotel Nuwara Eliya
Police SC                        -    Maligawatte Youth SC
Renown SC                       bt    Carlton SC
Cooray SC                       bt    [?]

Saunders SC                     2-0   Army SC
Renown SC                       2-0   Air Force SC
Cooray SC                       bt    [?]
Navy Sea Hawks                  bt    [?] 
missing losers were Old Benedictans Colombo and Police SC/Maligawatte Youth SC

Renown SC                       1-0   Navy Sea Hawks
Saunders SC                     3-2   Cooray SC

Final [Dec 12, 1998]
Saunders SC                     3-2   Renown SC

Gold Cup 1998/99

1/8 Finals
Saunders                        4-1   Silver Tongue
Vaeni                           drw   Java Lane                    [4-2 pen]
Soccer Fans                     4-3   Colpetty United
Old Bens                        1-0   Cooray
Ratnams                         3-1   Maligawatte Youth
Wanathamulla Youth              drw   Youngsters                   [4-3 pen]
Victory                         w/o   Pettah United
York                            w/o   Sunny Mount  

[Feb 27]
Ratnams                          -    Wanathamulla Youth
Soccer Fans                      -    Vaeni
[Feb 28]   
Saunders                        bt    Victory
Old Bens                        bt    York

Semifinals not known   

Final [Mar 27]
Saunders SC                     5-0   Old Bens SC        

Silver Cup 1998/99

[Feb 24]
Old Joe's                       bt    Ratnams
Kirulla Stars                    -    Bellmount

[Feb 27]
Young Victory                   bt    Vikings
[Feb 28]
Old Joe's                       bt    Kirulla Stars/Bellmount

Final [Mar 27] 
Old Joe's SC                    5-2   Young Victory

"Bristol League" 

Second Division 

Final [Dec 11, 1999]
Blue Star (Kalutara)    3-0     Pelican (Kurunegala)



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