Sri Lanka - List of Champions

National League (since 1985)

Colombo League
1985    Saunders SC
1986    Saunders SC
1987    Saunders SC
1988    Old Bens SC
Super League
1989    Saunders SC
1990    Renown SC  
1991    Saunders SC
1992    Saunders SC
1993    Renown SC  
1994    Renown SC
1995    Pettah United SC
1996    Saunders SC
1997    Saunders SC
1997/98 Ratnams SC
1998/99 Saunders SC
Premier League
1999/00 Ratnams SC
2000/01 Saunders SC
2001/02 Saunders SC
2002/03 Negombo Youth SC
2003    Blue Star SC
2004/05 Saunders SC
2005/06 Negombo Youth SC
2006/07 Ratnams SC
2007/08 Ratnams SC
2008/09 Army SC
Champions League
2009/10 Renown SC
2010/11 Don Bosco SC
2011/12 Ratnams SC
2013    Air Force SC
2014/15 Solid SC
2015    Colombo FC
2016/17 Colombo FC
2017/18 Colombo FC
2018/19 Defenders FC
2019/20   not held
Super League
2020/21   not held (postponed to 2021/22)
2021/22 Blue Star SC

Number of Titles (35)

12 Saunders SC (Colombo)

 5 Ratnams SC (Colombo)

 4 Renown SC (Colombo) 

 3 Colombo FC

 2 Blue Star SC (Kalutara)
   Defenders FC (Colombo) [includes Army SC]
   Negombo Youth SC (Negombo)
 1 Air Force SC
   Don Bosco SC (Negombo)
   Old Bens SC (Colombo)
   Pettah United SC (Colombo) 
   Solid SC (Anuradhapura)   

Regional Leagues

Colombo City League

British service units such as Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Engineers, Royal Artillery and the Royal Garrison Command were the pioneers who promoted competitive football in this country. The first ever attempt to organize and conduct Association Football in Ceylon was when the Colombo Association Football League was formed at a meeting at the Bristol Hotel, Colombo on 4th April 1911. After a lapse of nine years, the Colombo Association Football League was revived and re-constituted in 1920 under the amended name, Colombo Football League, The City Football league was inaugurated in 1922. Some of the earliest known Colombo football clubs in the twenties were St. Michael's SC, Chums SC, CH & FC, Police, the Ceylon Light Infantry (CLI), Bloomfield Club, Colombo Rovers and the Ramblers.

Colombo City League - Known Winners

1911    Royal Artillery 
1912-19  not played

1932    Saunders SC 
1933    Saunders SC 

1941    Hyde Park XI [championship known as De Mel League Championship]

1943    Hyde Park XI
1944    Saunders SC [by beating Price Park]

1949    Saunders SC 

1953    Sunrise SC

1957    Old Bens SC
1958    Old Bens SC
1959/60 Victory SC

1962    Red Lions SC   
1963    Victory SC
1964    Victory SC

1967    Army SC  [beat Colombo 4-2 in final on Oct 25; reportedly for "National Soccer Championship"]

1985    Ratnams SC
1986    Ratnams SC
1987    Ratnams SC
1988    Ratnams SC

NB: missing years unknown

Kandy City League

Founded 1925 as Kandy Amateur Football League [KAFL], later called Kandy District League, which also served football in Matale, Gampola, Nawalapitya, Kurunegala and Kegalle. (Later these towns formed their own leagues.) Some of the leading clubs in the early 1930s were Old Antonians SC, Old Kingswoodians SC, Police SC, YMCA, YMMA Kandy, Greenfield SC, Rovers SC, Phoenix SC, Kandy Sports Club and Red Stars SC.

Kandy City League - Known Winners

1925    Antonian's [aka St. Anthony's College]

1928    Old Antonians SC 
1929    Old Antonians SC 
1930    Old Antonians SC 

2002    York SC

NB: Old Antonians SC were founded 1927 as successor club of Antonian's;
    champions missing years unknown

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