Sri Lanka - List of Cup Winners

Sri Lanka has an FA Cup competition since 1939; since 1987 it has been known under various sponsor names.

Ceylon FA Cup

Season      Winners
1948        Sunrise SC (Colombo)         2-1 Police SC (Colombo)
1949        Saunders SC (Colombo)        1-0 Police SC (Colombo)
1951        Sunrise SC (Colombo)         2-0 Police SC (Colombo)
1952        Saunders SC (Colombo) 
1953/54     Police SC (Colombo)          4-2 Rowlands
1954        Saunders SC (Colombo) 
1955        Saunders SC (Colombo)        2-0 Royal Air Force
1958        Old Joes SC                  bt  Cargills
1960        Saunders SC (Colombo)        7-2 Wellawatte Spinning and Weaving Mills Club [*1]
1960/61     Army SC (Colombo)            bt  Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1963        Saunders SC (Colombo) 
1964        Saunders SC (Colombo)
1967 [1]    Sunrise SC (Colombo) 
1967 [2]    Victory SC (Colombo)
1968/69 (?) Army SC (Colombo)  
1969        Colombo Municipal Council SC
1971        Colombo Municipal Council SC
1972        Colombo Municipal Council SC
1973        Police SC (Colombo)                                                         [*2]
1977/78     [?]                          bt  Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1981        [?]                          bt  Army SC (Colombo)
1982        National United SC                                                          [*3]
1983/84     Saunders SC (Colombo)        bt  Renown SC (Colombo)
1984/85     Saunders SC (Colombo)        4-2 Renown SC (Colombo)
1985/86     Air Force SC (Colombo)       bt  Renown SC (Colombo)    
1986/87     Renown SC (Colombo)

[*1] P.D. Sirisena scored 6 goals in this match, which remains a record for a cup
     final; he also holds the record for number of goals scored during a season (24,
     season unknown).
[*2] 1973 winners also reported as Colombo Municipal Council SC, but on the occasion
     of the 2008 final it was stated explicitly that Police only won the tournament
     once before, in 1973.
[*3] 1982 winners also reported as Saunders SC (Colombo).

NB: missing years not known; 1949 was reported as the first season the
    tournament was held;
    Saunders won the Ceylon FA Cup 10 times (all listed above).

Bristol/Sharp/Holcim/Cargills Food City FA Cup

Season      Winners                          Runners-up
1987/88     Saunders SC (Colombo)            Jupiter SC (Negombo)
1988/89     Renown SC (Colombo)          4-0 Saunders SC (Colombo)
1989/90     Renown SC (Colombo)              Air Force SC (Colombo)
1990/91     York SC (Kandy)                  Old Benedictans SC (Colombo)
1991/92     Saunders SC (Colombo)            Old Benedictans SC (Colombo)
1992/93     Saunders SC (Colombo)
1993/94     Renown SC (Colombo)              Police SC (Colombo)
1994/95     Renown SC (Colombo)          2-0 Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1995/96     Old Benedictans SC (Colombo)     Renown SC (Colombo)
1996/97     Saunders SC (Colombo)        1-0 Police SC (Colombo)
1997/98       not known
1998/99     Saunders SC (Colombo)        3-2 Renown SC (Colombo)
1999/00     Ratnam SC (Colombo)          2-1 Saunders SC (Colombo)
2000/01     Saunders SC (Colombo)        4-0 Negombo Youth SC
2001        Ratnam SC (Colombo)
2002/03     Renown SC (Colombo)          1-0 Air Force SC (Colombo)
2003/04     Ratnam SC (Colombo)   2-2 4-2pen Renown SC (Colombo)
2005        Ratnam SC (Colombo)          3-1 Saunders SC (Colombo)   
2006        Ratnam SC (Colombo)   2-2 5-3pen Negombo Youth SC 
2007        Negombo Youth SC             3-0 Saunders SC (Colombo)
2008        Police SC (Colombo)   1-1 6-5pen Nandimithra SC  
2009        Ratnam SC (Colombo)   3-3 3-0pen Army SC     
2010        Navy SC (Colombo)            2-1 Nandimithra SC    
2011        Army SC                      2-0 Don Bosco SC (Negombo)  
2012        Navy SC (Colombo)     1-1 5-4pen Army SC 
2013/14     Army SC                      2-0 Blue Star SC (Kalutara)
2014/15     Colombo FC                   1-0 Blue Star SC (Kalutara)
2015/16     Army SC                      3-1 Renown SC (Colombo)
2016/17     Army SC                      5-1 Java Lane SC (Colombo)
2018        Army SC                      4-2 Saunders SC (Colombo)
2019/20     Police SC (Colombo)   1-1 5-4pen Saunders SC (Colombo)

Number of wins [30; runners-up finishes (28, 2 unknown) between
                    square brackets]

 6 [ 6] Saunders SC (Colombo) 
 6 [ 1] Ratnam SC (Colombo) 

 5 [ 4] Renown SC (Colombo)
 5 [ 2] Army SC [now called Defenders FC]

 2 [ 2] Police SC (Colombo)
 2      Navy SC (Colombo)  

 1 [ 2] Negombo Youth SC
 1 [ 2] Old Benedictans SC (Colombo)
 1      Colombo FC   
 1      York SC (Kandy)

   [ 2] Air Force SC (Colombo) 
   [ 2] Blue Star (Kalutara)
   [ 2] Nandimithra SC  
   [ 1] Don Bosco SC (Negombo) 
   [ 1] Java Lane SC (Colombo)
   [ 1] Jupiter SC (Negombo)

NB: an article in "The Island" on June 23, 2003, claims Saunders also
    won the Bristol FA Cup in 1989, 1990, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 2000; 
    this would seem to refer to another tournament (or possibly on
    just reaching the final, though for 1995 and 1996 not even that fits).
    According to the Sri Lanka FA home page, Saunders won the tournament
    20 times between 1949 and 2004, additionally losing 5 finals (this 
    number was not changed in the preview of the 2006 competition, in
    spite of Saunders losing the 2005 final) whereas Ratnam SC won it 3 
    times while losing 23 (twenty-three) finals.
    According to a preview for the 2008 final, Saunders won 21 cups,
    Ratnam and Renown both 5 (which would seem to imply Renown's win
    in 1986/87 was not included in their total); Police won 2 cups
    (including 2008) from 6 finals.

    According to an article on the 2008 championship final, Army SC
    won the FA Cup in 1995 (presumably the 1995/96 edition above).
    According to an article on the 2009 cup, Ratnam won 8 cups out of 
    60 editions, Army never.

    According to an article after the 2011 final, Saunders won 22 cups,
    while Army had last won the cup in 1969.

Other Cup Tournaments

Abdul Rahman Challenge Trophy
1949        Saunders SC (Colombo)
1961        Victory SC (Colombo)
1964        Victory SC (Colombo)
1980        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1989        Renown SC (Colombo)
1991        Renown SC (Colombo)
Bandaraike Memorial Cup
1976        Army SC (Colombo)
1980        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
Dialog Champion of Champions Trophy
2002        Ratnam SC (Colombo)
2004        Ratnam SC (Colombo)   1-1 4-2pen Blue Stars SC (Kalutara)
2005        Blue Stars SC (Kalutara)     1-0 Negombo Youth SC
2006        Negombo Youth SC             3-2 Blue Stars SC (Kalutara)
2007        Ratnam SC (Colombo)          3-1 Blue Stars SC (Kalutara)
2008-11       not held
2012        SL Navy                      4-1 Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
FFSL President's Cup 2020
2020        Colombo FC                   4-0 Blue Eagles SC   
Gold Cup
NB: Saunders won the first ever edition (year unclear)
1955        Saunders SC (Colombo)        1-0 Police SC (Colombo)
1959        Kotahena Rangers             bt  Police SC (Colombo)
1960        Saunders SC (Colombo)        bt  Ratnam SC (Colombo)         
1961        Colpetty United SC (Colombo) bt  Old Joe's                [*1]
1968        Victory SC (Colombo)         2-1 Saunders SC (Colombo)    [first win of this cup for Victory]
1988        Renown SC (Colombo)
1989        Renown SC (Colombo)
1991        Renown SC (Colombo)
1999        Saunders SC (Colombo)        5-0 Old Bens
2001        Victory SC                   unk Wanathamulla Youth SC    [Oct 26]
2003        Renown SC (Colombo)
2004        Ratnam SC (Colombo)
2009        Saunders SC (Colombo)        2-0 Ratnam SC (Colombo)     
[*1]  first ever win Colpetty; they eliminated holders Saunders in the semifinal after a
      replay following a 2-2 draw
Lawrence Fernando Memorial Trophy (Colombo)
1988        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1993        Renown SC (Colombo)
1990s         once won by Blue Stars SC (Kalutara)
Manning Shield
1949        Saunders SC (Colombo)
Mayors Cup (Colombo)
1980        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1988        Old Bens SC (Colombo) 
1989        Renown SC (Colombo) 
1998        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1989        Renown SC (Colombo)        
Mayors Cup (Kotte)
2001        United SC (Obeysekerapura)   1-0 Sarasavi SC (Bandaranayakepura)
2003        United SC (Obeysekerapura) and Sarasavi SC (Bandaranayakepura) (shared)
Mihira Cup
1968        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1969        finalists: St. Joseph's Trincomalee (opponents and final result not known)
Perera Cup
1930        Old Antonians SC (Kandy)
1985        [?]                          bt  Army SC (Colombo)
Phoenix Cup
2010        Ratnam SC                    2-0 Blue Star SC (Kalutara)      
2011        Renown SC                    4-1 Ratnam SC
2012          delayed  due to other premier tournaments 
2013        Saunders SC                  3-1 Ratnam SC                            
NB: the 2010 edition was the first
Ranpandhu Tournament
2003        Renown SC (Colombo)          1-0 Victory SC (Colombo)
Silver Cup (Colombo teams only; probably 2nd level teams)
1960        Victory SC (Colombo)
1980        Renown SC (Colombo) [also reported Ratnam SC (Colombo) ]
1981        Renown SC (Colombo)
1982        Renown SC (Colombo)
1987        Renown SC (Colombo)
1997        Premil SC                    bt  Old Joe's SC
1999        Old Joe's SC                 5-2 Young Victory
2002        Soccer Promoters SC          bt  Colombo Veterans SC
2009        Java Lane SC (Colombo)       3-0 Sarasavi SC (Colombo)  
2010        Colombo FC                   3-2 Java Lane SC (Colombo)      
2011        Colombo FC                   2-0 Colpetty United (Colombo)
2012        Colombo FC            2-2 5-4pen Premier SC (Colombo)                                   
2013        Moragasmulla FC (Colombo)    3-0 Colpetty United SC (Colombo) 
Sir Stanley Rous Cup
1969        Saunders SC (Colombo)        bt  Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
Sugathadasa Memorial Trophy
1983        Renown SC (Colombo)          3-1 Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1989        Renown SC
Super League Trophy (Colombo)
1981        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1998        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
Times of Ceylon Football Cup
1928        Government Services XI
Winchester Cup (probably restricted to Kandy)
1931        Old Antonians SC (Kandy) [1st edition]
1933        Old Antonians SC (Kandy)
Yaseen Cup
1980        Ratnam SC (Colombo) 
1989        Black Square                 1-0 Red Star       

Additional Data

Times of Ceylon Football Cup 1928

Round 1
Old Antonians SC             bt  St Michael's FC
Round 2
Government Services XI       bt  Old Antonians SC

Winners: Government Services XI

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