France - Coupes DOM/TOM 2001/02

Coupe des D.O.M. 2001 in Stade Dillon, Fort-de-France (Martinique)

Semifinals [Jun 14]
Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau (Guadeloupe)       3-0 AS Marsouins St.-Leu (Réunion)
  [10 Bastin, 61 Fulrad, 90 Numa] 
Club Franciscain (Martinique)		3-1 Geldar de Kourou (Guyane)
  [10 Reuperne, 53 D.Borval, 82 Honoré; 39 Martinon]

Third Place Match [Jun 16]
Marsouins Saint-Leu (Réunion)		2-0 Geldar de Kourou (Guyane)		
  [4 Rafion, 21 Gonneville]

Final [Jun 16]
Club Franciscain (Martinique)		2-1 Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau (Guadeloupe)	[aet]	
  [25 P.Percin, 117 D.Zaire; 53 C.Farouil]

Championat des Territoires Français du Pacifique 2001


First Leg [Nov 29, Nouméa]
JS Baco (New Caledonia)                 2-3 AS Pirae (Tahiti)

Second Leg [Dec 2, Nouméa]
JS Baco (New Caledonia)                 1-3 AS Pirae (Tahiti)
  [73 Poameno; 23 Labste, 52 J.Hmaé, 58 Bennett]
  [Baco: G.Tiaouniane, W. Taouaniane (60 R.Wayaridri), F.Tiaouniane, 
         Poadjaré, W.Tiaouniane, Oudodopoé, Cawa, Moagou, Poameno, 
         D.Wayaridri (46 Pourouda), Pibée, Néa.
   Pirae: Fassin, Kugogne, Wiako, Tauhiara, E.Bennett (87 Li Fung Kuee), 
          Taaruaatua, Teuira, M.Hmaé, J.Hmaé, Labaste, N.Bennett.
   Att: 3.000; Referee: Medam 
   Yellow cards: 43 Poadjaré; 7 Tauratua, 28 Tauhira]

Coupe des D.O.M.-T.O.M. 2002
  [between 2001 winners of Coupe D.O.M. and Pacific Playoff]
  [played ahead of the friendly between France and Russia]

Final [Apr 17] [Stade Auguste Delaune de Saint-Denis]

AS Piraé (Tahiti)                       1-0 Club Franciscain (Martinique)
  [Naea Bennett 43]



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