France - Coupes DOM/TOM 2002/03

Coupe des D.O.M. 2002 in Stade Baduel, Cayenne (Guyane)

Semifinals [May 28] 
SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion)		1-0 AJ Saint-Georges (Guyane)
 [14 Nicodème Boucher]
Club Franciscain (Martinique)		0-0 Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau (Guadeloupe)	[5-4 pen]       

Third Place Match [May 30]
AJ Saint-Georges (Guyane)		 bt Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau (Guadeloupe)	

Final [May 30]
SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion)           2-0 Club Franciscain (Martinique)	
  [Visnelda 15, Gourville 90]
  [Club Franciscain: Francillette - Tinmar, Zaïre (Clémentia 73), Clorus,
     Chillan, Lina, Sophie, Sainte-Catherine (Honoré 46), Percin (Ambroise 43),
     Emica, Fage; trainer: Louis Marianne
   Saint-Louisienne: Gorée - J. Bade, Audemar, Equerre (Sellambarom 72),
     Mounoussamy, Latour, Grondin, Gado, Andichy (Gourville 67), Visnelda 
     (Mosa 67), Boucher; trainer: Jean-Pierre Bade
   ref: Descessant; Jasmin, Victorine
   yellow cards: Fage (43), Lina (75), Emica (79); 
                 Audemar (30), Boucher (57), Mounoussamy (67), Gado (75)]

Championat des Territoires Français du Pacifique 2002 
(aka Coupe des T.O.M.)

First Leg [Nov 28, Stade Pater, Piraé, Tahiti]
AS Vénus Mahina [Tahiti]                0-0 AS Mont Dore [New Caledonia]

Second Leg [Nov 30, Stade Pater, Piraé, Tahiti]
AS Mont-Dore (New Caledonia)            0-1 AS Vénus (Tahiti)

Coupe des D.O.M.-T.O.M. 2003
  [between 2002 winners of Coupe D.O.M. and Pacific Playoff]
  [played ahead of the friendly between France and Egypt]

Final [Apr 30] [Stade de France, Saint-Denis]

SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion)           2-1 AS Vénus (Tahiti)
  [Nicodème Boucher 19, 56; Thierry Qaeze 59]
  [Saint-Louisienne: Fabrice Chassan - Jimmy Bade, William Mounoussamy, 
     Patrice Certat, John Elcaman, Cédric Equerre, David Latour, Herman
     Trules (cap), Fabrice Mosa (Willy Vismelda 65), Nicodème Boucher, 
     Jimmy Cundasany; coach: Jean-Pierre Bade;
   AS Vénus : Teiva Teiefitu - Patrick Atger (cap), Steeve Fatupua, Manfred  
     Popke, Pascal Danieri (Teiva Izal 65), Jacques Qaeze, Samuel Garcia, 
     Thierry Qaeze (Dominique Wacalie 70), Jean-Victor Tinorua, Benoît
     Salviat, Laurent Canehmez; Coach: Denis Baudino;
   ref: Jean-Marc Bonnin; Régis Truchon, Claude Stramaccioni]



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