France - Coupes DOM/TOM 2003/04

Coupe des D.O.M. 2003 in region around Paris

Semifinals [Stade de Colombes, Sep 17]
Club Franciscain (Martinique)           1-0 SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion)
  [Jean-Hubert Sophie 52]  
Phare de Petit-Canal (Guadeloupe)       1-1 US Matoury (Guyane)       [4-2 pen]
  [Damas-Agis 80; Elfort 77]

Third Place Match [Stade de La Courneuve, Evry, Sep 20]
SS Saint-Louisienne (Réunion)           0-1 US Matoury (Guyane) 
  [Veira-Lima 78]
Matoury       : Danglades, Eduards, Lupson Rinaldo, Martinon, Maxwell, Baquié,
                St-Julien, Petit-Homme, Oliveira Sulito, Adipi (Bogje Ruben 61),
                Elfort (Veira-Lima 75)
                Trainer: Claude Coumba
St-Louisienne : Gastel, Mounoussamy, Elcaman, Equerre, Audemar, Latour, Andichy,
                Trules, Pedre (Virapin 73), Boucher, Mosa
                Trainer: Jean-Pierre Bade
Att: 1.000; Referee: Duhamel.
Yellow cards: Eduards 89; Latour 80

Final [Stade de La Courneuve, Evry, Sep 20]
Club Franciscain (Martinique)           3-1 Phare de Petit-Canal (Guadeloupe)  [aet]
  [Emica 23, Sophie 95, Codasse 113; Denys 85]
Club Franciscain : Francilette, Louis, Fordant (Luron 92), Chillan, Mathely,
                   Clorus, Lima, Honoré, Fage (Lagrand 91), Sophie, Emica
                   (Codasse 105)
                   Trainer: Louis Percin
Phare du Canal   : Fausta, Jabin, Copol, Larain (Plumasseau 56), Bérald-
                   Catelot, Lerus, Belia, Cancan (Jasmin 72), Damas-Agis,
                   Denys, Darcourt
                   Trainer: Jean Dartron
Att: 3.000; Referee: Bonnin.
Yellow cards: Fordant 26, Lima 82; 
              Copol 39, Denys 60, Belia 97, Plumasseau 99, Darcourt 113
Red card: Copol 90

Championnat des T.O.M. 2003

Final (both legs at Numa-Daly, New Caledonia)

First Leg [Oct 29]
AS Magenta (New Caledonia)              2-2 AS Piraé (Tahiti)
  [Kakza 77, Pierre Wajoka 86; Michel Hmae 40, Naea Benett 62]

Second Leg [Oct 31]
AS Magenta (New Caledonia)              2-2 AS Piraé (Tahiti)         [aet, 4-3 pen]
  [Albert Kakza 9, Pierre Wajoka 110; Steeve Benett 83, Axel Williams 96]

NB: AS Magenta are the first winners from New Caledonia.

Coupe des D.O.M.-T.O.M. 2004
  [between 2003 winners of Coupe D.O.M. and Pacific Playoff]
  [played ahead of the friendly between France and Brazil, 
   celebrating the 100th anniversary of FIFA]

Final [Apr 17] [stade Roger Hebert, Viry-Châtillon]

Club Franciscain (Martinique)           3-2 AS Magenta (New Caledonia)
  [Loïc Louis Lupon 30, Yohan Clementia 74, 79; Pierre Wajoka 18, Albert Kaqéa 53]
  [AS Magenta: Louis Samek - Nicolas Ouka, André Sinédo, Jacky Wiako, 
               Steevens Longue - Gil Elmour, Robert Wadriako (Robert Kauma 74),
               Pierre Wajoka (cap.), Michel Hmaé - Noël Kaudré, Albert Kaqéa;
               coach: Albert Katombé;
   Club Franciscain: David Franciette – Laurent Lagrand (David Reyal 62),
                     Serge Chillan, Franck Pascal Lina, Ismael Marthely
                     (Marc-Harry Codasse 20) – Paul-Henry Clorus,
                     Jean-Hubert Sophie (cap.), Daniel Burval, Jean-Pierre Hondre
                     – Loïc-Louis Lupon, Jean-Marc Emica (Yohan Clementia 62);
                     coach: Louis Percin;
   ref: Gaël Lecellier; att: 1,000;
   missed penalty: Pierre Wajoka (Magenta, 85)]



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