France - Coupe des Clubs Champions d'Outre-Mer 2005

Preliminary Phase

Zone Océan Indien 

Between champions of Mayotte (AS Sada) and Réunion (US Stade Tamponnaise);
both matches played at Mayotte.

First Leg [May 5, stade de Kavani (Mayotte)]
AS Sada                  2-0 USST
  [Fahardine Aboubacar 16, Dine Mahadali (pen, 2nd half); missed pen:
   Songoro (USST, end of 1st half)]

Second Leg [May 7, stade de Kavani (Mayotte)]
AS Sada                  0-1 USST
  [Dominique Goliris 80]

AS Sada qualify for final tournament.

Zone Pacifique

Between champions of New Caledonia (AS Magenta) and Polynesia (AS Tefana);
both matches played in Nouméa, New Caledonia.

First Leg [Jun 29, stade Numa-Daly, Nouméa]
AS Magenta               4-1 AS Tefana
  [Wajoka 24, 50, Hmaé 53, 83; Paigne 82]
AS Magenta: Zohune - N.Ouka, Sinédo, Wiako - Longue, Elmour, Wéa,
   Wajoka (cap), Wadriako (Watrone 72) - Hmaé, Poatinda (N.Kaudré 77);
   coach: Jean-Paul Cureau;
AS Tefana: Samin (cap) - Tchen, Maurirere, Nyikeiene - P.Moretta
   (Sanchez 78), Paigne, Marmouyet, Lee, Lebayen, R.Moretta (Andrew 87)
   - Neuffer (Tinorua 29); coach: Laurent Heinis.

Second Leg [Jul 1, stade Numa-Daly, Nouméa]
AS Tefana                1-3 AS Magenta  
  [Neuffer 31; Watrone 11, Hmae 47, 67]
AS Tefana: Samin (cap) - Lee, Maurirere (P.Moretta 61), Tchen, Nyikeiene 
  - Taae (Andrew 78), Marmouyet, Lebayen, Sanchez (Jubély 66) - Paigne,
  Neuffer; coach: Laurent Heinis;
AS Magenta: Zohune - N.Ouka, Sinédo, Wiako - Longue, Elmour, Wéa,
   Wajoka (cap, W.Wadriako 82), Watrone (E.Ouka 71) - Hmaé, N.Kaudré
   (Poatinda 55); coach: Jean-Paul Cureau.

AS Magenta qualify for final tournament.

Zone Antilles/Guyane 

All matches at Martinique.

[Jun 1, Lamentin]
AS Gosier                1-2 ASC Le Geldar
  [Prosper Moueza 38; Cléberson Martins Dos Santos 18, 30]
[Jun 3, Lamentin]
Club Franciscain         2-0 AS Gosier
  [Daniel Borval, Jean-Marc Emica]
[Jun 5, Dillon]
Club Franciscain         0-1 ASC Le Geldar 
  [Cléberson Martins Dos Santos]

Final Table:
 1.ASC Le Geldar de Kourou   2  2  0  0  3- 1  8  (Guyane)
 2.Club Franciscain          2  1  0  1  2- 1  4  (Martinique)
 3.AS Gosier                 2  0  0  2  1- 4  0  (Guadeloupe)

NB: draws would have been followed by a penalty shoot-out, the
    winners of such a shoot-out obtaining 2 points, the losers 1;
    normal wins yield 4, losses 0 points.

Club Franciscain and ASC Le Geldar qualify for final tournament.

Final Tournament 

Semifinals [Sep 8, in Viry-Châtillon]
AS Magenta               2-3 AS Sada
  [Michel Hmaé 25, Pierre Wajoka 68; Abdoul Karim Bamana 1,
   Mohamed Maoulida 20, Dine Mahadali 50]
ASC Le Geldar            2-0 Club Franciscain  

Third Place Match [Sep 11, Stade Yves du Manoir de Colombes]
AS Magenta               0-5 Club Franciscain
  [José Garon 15, 35, Loïc Lupon 38, Jean-Pierre Honoré 41, 
   Teddy Crater 71]

Final [Sep 11, Stade Yves du Manoir de Colombes]
AS Sada                  0-1 ASC Le Geldar
  [David Martinon 89]



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