France - Coupe des Clubs Champions d'Outre-Mer 2006

Preliminary Phase

Zone Océan Indien 

Between champions of Mayotte (FC M'tsapéré) and Réunion (US Stade 
Tamponnaise); both matches played at Reunion

First Leg [May 6, Stade Klébert Picard, Le Tampon]
US Stade Tamponnaise     1-0 FC M'tsapéré 
  [Jimmy Cundassamy 34] 
Second Leg [May 8, Stade Klébert Picard, Le Tampon]
FC M'tsapéré             0-4 US Stade Tamponnaise
  [Jimmy Cundassamy 21, Michel Bradaïa 32, Giovanni Songoro 68,
   Jimmy Dijoux 83]
US Stade Tamponnaise qualify for final tournament.

Zone Pacifique

First Leg [Jun 19, Tahiti]
AS Tefana                2-0 AS Mont-Dore

Second Leg [Jun 25, Tahiti]
AS Tefana                0-0 AS Mont-Dore

Zone Antilles/Guyane 

US Matoury (Guyana) 
JS Les Vieux Habitants (Guadeloupe) 
Club Franciscain (Martinique)

At Stade Baduel, Cayenne; draw Jun 5

Round 1 [Jun 7]
US Matoury               0-2 Club Franciscain
  [Gérard Claire 12, Yohan Clémentia 69]
JS Les Vieux Habitants   bye

Round 2 [Jun 9]
Club Franciscain         4-0 JS Les Vieux Habitants   
  [José Goron 19, 26, 37, Yohan Clémentia 43] 
US Matoury               bye

Round 3 [Jun 11]
US Matoury               n/p JS Les Vieux Habitants     [unplayable pitch]
Club Franciscain         bye

NB: FFF decided that since JSVH could not postpone their return to
    Guadeloupe, the goal difference in the matches against Club
    Franciscain counted to separate the two, granting the second
    qualifying place to US Matoury.  JSVH may protest.

Final Tournament (at Courneuve, France)

US Stade Tamponnaise (Océan Indien)
AS Tefana (Tahiti)
Club Franciscain (Martinique)
US Matoury (Guyana)

Semifinals [Sep 20]
AS Tefana                1-3 US Stade Tamponnaise
  [Neuffer 75; Pamphil 33, Traroré 72, Farro 90]
Club Franciscain         2-1 US Matoury
  [Steeve Gustan 8, 35; Mario Clothilde (2nd half)]

Third Place Match [Sep 23]
US Matoury               4-1 AS Tefana

Final [Sep 23]
US Stade Tamponnaise     1-2 Club Franciscain  
  [Anthony Mendhy 14; Steeve Gustan 6, José Goron 73pen]
  [Club Franciscain: Franciette - Lina, Chillan, Reyal, Clorus -
     Suedile, Vaubien (Audel 70), Borval, Gustan - Clementia (Honoré 75),
     Goron (Gros-Désormeaux 90); trainer: Jean-Pierre Honoré;
   USS Tamponnaise: Ledoyen - Kaïmandio, Gauliris, Payet, Rabarivony -
     Mendy, Malet, Vaz, Cundassamy - Farro (Robert 43), Traoré; trainer:
     Jean-Pierre Bade;
   ref: M. Moulin;
   yellow cards: USST: Kaïmandio 17, Payet 75;
                 Franciscain: Goron 15, Honoré 88]



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