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Until 1990 the regional league on the Crimean peninsula was one of many in the Soviet Union (the Crimea was an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation between 1921 and 1945, when it lost its autonomy; in 1954 it was transferred from Russia to Ukraine). In 1991, with the Soviet Union disintegrating, Ukraine restored Crimea's autonomous status. Since 2014, the peninsula is under Russian control.
Only since 2015 the strongest clubs from the area play at the local regional level, as they are not permitted to play in Russia by either UEFA or FIFA. However, note that Tavrija Simferopol', the 1992 champions of Ukraine, continue to play within the Ukrainian league structure, currently hosting matches in Nova Kaxovka.
Season  Champions                    Runners-Up                   Third Place           

part of Soviet Union
1928    Sb. Flota Sevastopol         KPK Sevastopol               Krasnyj Metallist Sevastopol 
1939    Dinamo Simferopol            Sudostroitel Sevastopol
1940    Dinamo Simferopol
1945    GDO Simferopol       
1946    GDO Simferopol               Dinamo Simferopol            Stroitel Juga Eupatoria 
1947    Dinamo Simferopol  
1948    Molot Eupatoria 
1949    Metallurg Kerch            
1950    Metallurg Kerch
1951    Molot Eupatoria 
1952    GDO Simferopol
1953    Strela Eupatoria 
1954    Metallurg Kerch
1955    Molot Eupatoria 
1956    Metallurg Kerch
1957    Petrel Simferopol            Metallurg Kerch              GDO Simferopol
1958    GDO Simferopol                   
1959    Spartak Simferopol           GDO Simferopol
1960    Metallurg Kerch              Dinamo Sevastopol
1961    Avangard Kerch               Metalllurg Kerch             Pishevik Simferopol
1962    Metallurg Kerch
1963    Avangard Sevastopol
1964    Metallist Sevastopol
1965    Avangard Kerch
1966    Metallist Sevastopol         Avangard Kerch               Molot Eupatoria 
1967    Molot Eupatoria              Koktebel Chebetovka          Metallist Sevastopol
1968    Fiolent Simferopol           Molot Eupatoria              Avangard Feodosiya
1969    Koktebel Chebetovka               
1970    Koktebel Chebetovka               
1971    Fiolent Simferopol
1972    Fiolent Simferopol
1973    Fiolent Simferopol
1974    Fiolent Simferopol
1975    Titan Armyansk
1976    Titan Armyansk
1977    Titan Armyansk
1978    Titan Armyansk
1979    Titan Armyansk
1980    Titan Armyansk
1981    Titan Armyansk               Meteor Simferopol            Chernomorets Yalta
1982    Metallist Sevastopol         Chernomorets Yalta           Chajka Sevastopol
1983    Avangard Dzhankoy            Chajka Sevastopol            SK KCHF Sevastopol
1984    Avangard Dzhankoy       
1985    Titan Armyansk                   
1986    Titan Armyansk               SK KCH Sevastopol            Avangard Dzhankoy          
1987    Avangard Dzhankoy            Titan Armyansk               More Primorskiy
1988    Titan Atrmyansk
1989    Frunzenets Frunza            Chajka-2 Sevastopol          Meteor Simferopol
1990    Titan Armyansk               Sivash Ishun                 Intourist Yalta
part of Ukraine
1991    Sintes Armyansk              Yalta                        Kolos Vilino
1992    Surozh Sudak                 Frunzenets Frunza            Intourist Yalta         
1992/93 Sintes Armyansk              Chajka Okhotnikovo           Kolos Vilino
1993/94 Frunzenets-2 Saki            Petrel Simferopol            Sintes Armyansk
1994/95 Chernomorets Sevastopol      Voikovets Kerch              Chajka-2 Sevastopol
1995/96 Potovik Kerch                Chernomorets Sevastopol      Avangard Dzhankoy   
1996/97 Surozh Pike                  Chernomorets Sevastopol      Yalta 
1997/98 SVKh Danika Simferopol       Yalta                        Gornyak Balaklava
1998/99 SVKh Danika Simferopol       Yalta                        DYuKFP Kerch
1999/00 SVKh Danika Simferopol       Orbita Kranogravrdeyskoe     Yalta
2000/01 SVKh Danika Simferopol       FC Saki                      KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe
2001    FC Saki                      Danika-SELMA Simferopol      Vilino-TNU
2002    KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe    Danika-SELMA Simferopol      Tavriya-TNU Simferropol
2003    Tavriya-TNU Simferopol       Danika-SELMA Simferopol      Lider-Sport Saki
2004    Khimik Krasnoperekopsk       Elim Simferopol              Feniks-Illichivets-2 Kalinino
2005    Feniks-Illichivets-2         Tavrika Simferopol           Kerch
2006    Eupatoria 2500               Kerch                        Feniks-Illichivets-2 Kalinino          
2007    Spartak Molodyozhnoe         Chernomoreftegaz Simferopol  Kafa Feodosiya
2008    Spartak Molodyozhnoe         Chernomoreftegaz Simferopol  KAMO Sevastopol
2009    Spartak Molodyozhnoe         FC Foros                     Khimik Krasnoperekopsk               
2010    Khimik Krasnoperekopsk       Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye      FC Saki
2011    Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye      Kamelot Lesnovka             Agrokapital Suvorov
2012    Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye      Khimik Krasnoperekopsk       Foros Yalta
2013    Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye      YIS Service Simferopol       Region Krasnogvardeyskoe
under Russian control
2014    Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye      YIS Service Simferopol       Centaur Koltsovo     
2015    FC Sevastopol            6-2 Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye
2015/16 TSC-Tavria Simferopol        BSF SC Sevastopol            FC Bağçasaray
2016/17 FC Sevastopol                KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe    FC Eupatoria  
2017/18 FC Eupatoria                 FC Sevastopol                TSC-Tavria Simferopol
2018/19 FC Sevastopol                TSC-Tavria Simferopol        KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe
2019/20 FC Eupatoria                 KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe    FC Sevastopol  
2020/21 FC Sevastopol                Gvardeyets Skvortsovo        FC Eupatoria
2021/22 TSC-Tavria Simferopol        FC Sevastopol                Aluston-SCC Aluşta
2022    FC Sevastopol                Rubin Yalta                  Ocean Kerch
2023    Tavria Simferopol            Qızıl Taş Bağçasaray         Ocean Kerch

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