Crimea - List of Cup Winners

Until 1990 the regional league on the Crimean peninsula was one of many in the Soviet Union (the Crimea was an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation between 1921 and 1945, when it lost its autonomy; in 1954 it was transferred from Russia to Ukraine). In 1991, with the Soviet Union disintegrating, Ukraine restored Crimea's autonomous status. Since 2014, the peninsula is under Russian control.
Only since 2015 the strongest clubs from the area play at the local regional level, as they are not permitted to play in Russia by either UEFA or FIFA. However, note that Tavrija Simferopol', the 1992 champions of Ukraine, continue to play within the Ukrainian league structure, currently hosting matches in Nova Kaxovka.
part of Ukraine
2004    Tavriya-2 Simferopol          2-0 Dinamo Saki       
2005    Khimik Krasnoperokopsk        4-0 KAMO Sevastopol       
2006    Feniks-Illichevets Kalinino   4-0 Kerch
2007    Chernomorneftegaz Simferopol  5-0 Orbita-Nasha Ryaba Krasnogvardeiskoye
2008    FC Sevastopol-2               0-0 Chernomorneftegaz Simferopol  [3-2 pen]
2009    Foros Yalta                   5-3 Khimik Krasnoperokopsk                
2010    Foros Yalta                   5-0 FC Saki
2011    Agrokapital Suvorovskoye      2-0 KAMO Sevastopol       
2012    Foros Yalta                   1-1 Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye       [4-3 pen]
2013    Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye       2-0 YIS Service Simferopol 
under Russian control
2014    Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye       3-0 YIS Service Simferopol 
2015    Ocean Kerch                   3-2 Gvardeyets Gvardeiskoye
2016    FC Bağçasaray                 2-1 BSF SC
2016/17 FC Eupatoria                  2-1 KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe 
2017/18 KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe     2-0 FC Sevastopol 
2018/19 FC Sevastopol                 2-0 Gvardeyets Skvortsovo 
2019/20 KrymTeplitsa Molodyozhnoe     2-1 FC Eupatoria 
2021    Gvardeyets Skvortsovo         2-1 FC Eupatoria 
2021/22 Qızıl Taş Bağçasaray          2-2 Rubin Yalta                   [4-1 pen]
2022   TSC Tavria Simferopol         5-3 Rubin Yalta
NB: Gvardeyets moved from Gvardeiskoye to Skvortsovo in 2018.

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NB: the separation of Crimea from Ukraine is not recognised by UEFA or FIFA; inclusion of results here exclusively serves football statistical purposes

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