Karelia - List of Champions

The Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic was integrated into the Russian SSR (as an ASSR, Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) in July 1956. Before World War II, a large part of its area was part of Finland.
(as Karelo-Finnish SSR)
Year    Champions                        
NB: note that in most seasons, one club from the republic played at the second
    national level of the Soviet Union and thus did not enter the regional league
    (Lokomotiv Petrozavodsk in 1950 and Krasnaya Zvezda Petrozavodsk 1951-1954)

1948    Dinamo Petrozavodsk
1949    Dinamo Petrozavodsk
1950    ODO Petrozavodsk
1951    Dinamo Petrozavodsk
1952    Dinamo Petrozavodsk
1953    Dinamo Petrozavodsk
1954    Dinamo Petrozavodsk
1955    ODO Petrozavodsk

(as Karelian ASSR within Russia)
Year    Champions
2002    Nevskaya Kosmetika Petrozavodsk
2003      not known
2004      not known
2005      not known
2006    KarAL (Karelian Aluminium) Nadvoitsy
2007    KarAL (Karelian Aluminium) Nadvoitsy
2008    North College Segeza  
2009    AutoSpecTrans Petroskoi
2010    FK Kondupohju 
2011    AutoSpecTrans Petroskoi
2012    Victoria Helylä
2013    Triumph Petroskoi
2014    Karelia-2 Petroskoi
2015    EnergoGarant Petroskoi
2016    MedGora Karhumägi 
2017    Victoria Helylä
2018    Triumph Petroskoi
2019    Youth Sports School #7 Petroskoi
2020    Youth Sports School #7 Petroskoi
2021    Triumph-Yarmarka Petroskoi
2022    Youth Sports School #7 Petroskoi                        

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