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See the list of cup winners for the Interdistrict Championship.

Organised football was established in 1922 when Sunshine soccer team (from Suva) and Sitare Hind (from Rewa) played their first match. The above two were joined later by League Service, Dilkusha and Union Soccer Clubs.

League Championship (for Districts)

1977    Ba
1978    Nadi
1979    Ba
1980    Nadi
1981    Nadi
1982    Nadi
1983    Nadi
1984    Lautoka
1985    Nadi
1986    Ba
1987    Ba
1988    Lautoka
1989    Nadroga
1990    Nadroga
1991    Labasa
1992    Ba
1993    Nadroga
1994    Ba
1995    Ba
1996    Suva
1997    Suva
1998    Nadi
1999    Ba
2000    Nadi 
2001    Ba
2002    Ba
2003    Ba        [*1]
2004    Ba
2005    Ba
2006    Ba
2007    Labasa
2008    Ba
2009    Lautoka
2010    Ba        [*2]
2011    Ba  
2012    Ba  
2013    Ba  
2014    Suva
2015    Nadi
2016    Ba  
2017    Lautoka
2018    Lautoka
2019    Ba  
2020    Suva
2021    Lautoka
2022    Rewa
2023    Lautoka

[*1] following a court case a final match between Olympians and Ba was
     announced for March 2005 (!) but it never took place (the Olympians
     having been dissolved) and in January 2006 (!!) the Fiji FA announced
     Ba as 2003 champions because the Olympians (Fiji U-20) were no longer
     in existence; afterwards, the Olympians entered the 2006 league.
[*2] Ba had won the 2010 title in September 2010 but Lautoka had a match
     played on 8 May 2010 awarded to them on 11 March 2011 (just ten months
     after it was played) and thereby pipped Ba by a point; on 10 July 2011
     this decision was revoked and Ba credited with yet another title.

Number of Wins (47)

21 Ba

 9 Nadi

 7 Lautoka

 4 Suva

 3 Nadroga

 2 Labasa

 1 Rewa

Club Championship

Indian Reform League (Vriddhi Cup) (restricted to Suva and Rewa)
1928    Dilkusha Excelsior FC (Rewa)
1929    Dilkusha Excelsior FC (Rewa)
1930    Dilkusha Excelsior FC (Rewa)

National Club Championship
NB: first held in 1986 (other source: 1984); not played in 2001 and 2002; the 2008 edition was the 21st 

1986    Tanoa SC (Nadi)             bt  Flying Arrows (Ba)
1987-88   not known
1989    Combine Stars SC (Suva)     1-0 Vunika (Labasa)
1990    Ba FSC (Ba)                 bt  Greenstars FC (Nadroga) 
1991    Greenstars FC (Nadroga)     drw Tanoa SC (Nadi)            [4-3 pen]   [1]
1992    Greenstars FC (Nadroga)     1-0 Ba FSC
1993    Lautoka General (Lautoka)
1994-95   not known
1996    Ba FSC (Ba)                                                            [2]
1997    Ba FSC (Ba)
1998    Raymonds SC (Rewa)          1-1 Ba FSC (Ba)                [Raymonds on pen]
1999    Kiwi Sports (Labasa)        2-0 KK Blues (Nadi)
2000    Foodtown Warriors (Labasa)  1-0 Eagles (Nadi)
2001-02   not held
2003-04   not known
2005    General Machinery (Lautoka) 1-0 Malolo (Nadi)
2006    General Machinery (Lautoka) 1-1 United (Rewa)              [aet, 4-1 pen]
2007/08 Kriz Signs Uciwai (Nadi)    2-1 United (Rewa)
2008    Southern Forest (Navua)     3-0 General Machinery (Lautoka)
2009    Southern Forest (Navua)     1-0 4R Electric Ltd (Ba)
2010    4R Electric Ltd (Ba)        1-0 Kings United (Ba)
2011    Lokia United (Rewa)         2-0 Raymonds SC (Rewa)
2012    4R Electric Ltd (Ba)        3-1 General Machinery (Ba)
2013    League FC (Navua)           1-0 4R Electric Ltd (Ba) 
2014    Civic FC (Suva)             3-2 Namaka FC (Nadi)
2015    4R Electric Ltd (Ba)        3-0 FC City United (Lautoka)
2016    Press FC (Lautoka)          0-0 Bureta FC (Suva)           [aet, 4-2 pen]
2017    Blues FC (Nadi)             1-0 Raymonds SC (Rewa)
2018    Yalalevu CF (Ba)            1-0 Nailaga FC (Ba) 
2019      not held
2020/21 Kasavu Sports (Rewa)        3-0 Greenstars FC (Nadroga) 
2021/22   not held
2022/23 United Sangam FC (Lautoka)  3-1 Police United FC (Ba)

[1] other source has Arsenal (Suva) as 1991 runners-up to Greenstars FC (Nadroga)
[2] other source has Lautoka General (Lautoka) as 1996 winners

NB: FSC denotes Fiji Sugar Corporation;
    Combine Stars SC later renameed Combine Brothers;
    General Machinery (Ba) were founded as Wailailai Youth in 2006, renamed
      (GM) Kings United in 2009 and General Machinery in 2011;
    Greenstars FC (Nadroga) won three times up to and including 1992 and not since;
    United (Rewa) and Barbarians (Nasinu) never won the tournament;
    between 1986 and 2007/08 (when Kriz Signs Uciwai did so) no Nadi club won;
    Southern Forest Combine's win in 2008 was the first ever by a Navua club;
    no Suva club reached the final between 1991 and 2013;
    Press FC's win 2016 was their first ever;
    Kasavu Sports' win 2020/21 was their first ever (in their first ever final).

Number of Known Titles (28)

 3 Ba FSC (Ba)
   4R Electric Ltd (Ba)
   Greenstars FC (Nadroga)

 2 General Machinery (Lautoka) 
   Southern Forest (Navua)

 1 Blues FC (Nadi) 
   Civic FC (Suva)
   Combine Brothers (Suva) [1 as Combine Stars SC]
   Foodtown Warriors (Labasa)    
   Kasavu Sports (Rewa)  
   Kiwi Sports (Labasa)
   Kriz Signs Uciwai (Nadi)
   Lautoka General (Lautoka) 
   League FC (Navua)
   Lokia United (Rewa)
   Press FC (Lautoka)
   Raymonds SC (Rewa)
   Tanoa SC (Nadi)
   United Sangam FC (Lautoka)
   Yalalevu CF (Ba)

Known Number of Titles by District (28)

 7 Ba

 5 Lautoka

 3 Nadi

 2 Labasa

Club Franchise League

2005    4R Electric Ltd (Ba)
2006    Nokia Eagles (Nadi)   

NB: qualifying tournament for Oceanian club championship and apparently
    unrelated to club championship above, usually organised as tournament
    between regional champions.

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