Cameroon - List of Champions

before independence
Championnat Territorial
NB: the first football teams were created in Douala, after World War I,
    by Charles Lalanne; soon clubs in Yaoundé and southern Cameroon
    the first championship held in 1933; the 1936/37 championship was 
    the third edition; the territorial championship was usually decided
    by a knock-out tournament between the representatives of the various
    regional and city leagues (in 1955/56 a mini-tournament was held, in
    contrast to previous seasons).

1936/37 Caïman (Douala)         1-0 Scorpion (Bonabéri)
1940/41 Caïman (Douala)         3-2 Canon (Yaoundé)
1942/43 Caïman (Douala)
1947/48 Caïman (Douala)         2-1 Léopard (Douala)
1948/49 Caïman (Douala)         3-1 AS Garde et Police
1950/51 Caïman (Douala)
1951    Caïman (Douala)         [ahead of Lion and Oryx]
1954/55 Caïman (Douala)
1955/56 Diamant (Yaoundé)       [runners-up: Aigle Royal de la Menoua (Dschang)]
1956-60   not known

   Available information on the Douala championship:
        1937/38 Oryx (Douala)           bt  Caïman (Douala)
        1940/41 Caïman (Douala)         5-1 Oryx (Douala)
        1942/43 Caïman (Douala)         2-1 Vent Sportif
   Available information on the Wouri championship:
        1953/54 Caïman (Douala)         [ahead of Léopard]
   Available information on the Littoral championship:
        1955/56 Caïman (Douala)         [ahead of Léopard]

since independence

NB: until May 1972, there were separate leagues for francophone East Cameroon
    (whose winners were considered national champions and are thus listed below)
    and anglophone East Cameroon (on which few data are available; the main towns
    in the area include Bamenda, Buea, Kumba, Mamfe, Mutengene and Tiko); teams
    from both parts of the country only met in the national cup tournament;
    between 1960 and 1973 a nationwide second division (obviously apart from 
    East Cameroon) existed before it was split into regional sections

1960    Oryx (Douala)
1961    Oryx (Douala)
1962    Caïman (Douala)
1963    Oryx (Douala)
1964    Oryx (Douala)
1965    Oryx (Douala)
1966    Diamant (Yaoundé)
1967    Oryx (Douala)            [runners-up: Caïman (Douala)]
1968    Caïman (Douala)
1969    Union Sportive (Douala)
1969/70 Canon (Yaoundé)
1970/71 Aigle Royal (Nkongsamba)
1971/72 Léopard (Douala)
1972/73 Léopard (Douala)
1973/74 Canon (Yaoundé)
1974/75 Caïman (Douala)
1975/76 Union Sportive (Douala)  [runners-up: Racing Club (Bafoussam)]
1976/77 Canon (Yaoundé)          [runners-up: Caïman (Douala)]
1977/78 Union Sportive (Douala)
1978/79 Canon (Yaoundé)
1979/80 Canon (Yaoundé)
1981    Tonnerre (Yaoundé)
1981/82 Canon (Yaoundé)
1982/83 Tonnerre (Yaoundé)
1983/84 Tonnerre (Yaoundé)
1984/85 Canon (Yaoundé)
1985/86 Canon (Yaoundé)
1986/87 Tonnerre (Yaoundé)
1988    Tonnerre (Yaoundé)
1989    Racing Club (Bafoussam)
1990    Union Sportive (Douala)
1991    Canon (Yaoundé)
1992    Racing Club (Bafoussam)
1993    Racing Club (Bafoussam)
1994    Aigle Royal (Nkongsamba)
1995    Racing Club (Bafoussam)
1996    Unisport (Bafang)
1997    Cotonsport (Garoua)
1998    Cotonsport (Garoua)
1999    Sable (Batié)
2000    Fovu (Baham)
2001    Cotonsport (Garoua) 
2002    Canon (Yaoundé)
2003    Cotonsport (Garoua) 
2004    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2005    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2006    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2007    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2007/08 Cotonsport (Garoua)
2008/09 Tiko United (Tiko)       [*]
2009/10 Cotonsport (Garoua)
2010/11 Cotonsport (Garoua)
2011/12 Union Sportive (Douala)
2013    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2014    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2015    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2016    UMS de Loum
2017    Eding Sport de la Lékié (Mfou)
2018    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2019    UMS de Loum
2019/20 PWD de Bamenda  
2020/21 Cotonsport (Garoua)
2022    Cotonsport (Garoua)
2022/23 Cotonsport (Garoua)
2023/24 Victoria United (Limbe)

[*] Tiko's league title marked the first championship by an anglophone club

NB: it is not exactly clear when the season changed to the calendar year
    (after 1986/87 and prior to 1998)

Number of Titles (64):

18 Cotonsport (Garoua) 

10 Canon (Yaoundé)

 5 Oryx (Douala) 
   Tonnerre (Yaoundé)
   Union Sportive (Douala)

 4 Racing Club (Bafoussam) 

 3 Caïman (Douala)

 2 Aigle Royal (Nkongsamba) 
   Léopard (Douala)
   UMS de Loum

 1 Diamant (Yaoundé) 
   Eding Sport de la Lékié (Mfou)
   Fovu (Baham)
   PWD de Bamenda  
   Sable (Batié)
   Tiko United (Tiko)  
   Unisport (Bafang)
   Victoria United (Limbe)

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