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  • Least Effective Penalty Takers

    The worst ever penalty shootout in the European Cups (from the point of view of the penalty takers) must be the shootout in the 1985/86 Champions Cup final, between Steaua Bucuresti and FC Barcelona.

    All eight shots were on target, but only 2 went in, 6 being held by the keepers, Duckadam of Steaua and Urruti of Barcelona. The full list:

      Steaua              Barcelona
    Majaru (held)     0-0 Alesanco (held)     0-0
    Bölöni (held)     0-0 Pedraza (held)      0-0
    Lacatus           1-0 Pichi Alonso (held) 1-0
    Balint            2-0 Marcos (held)       2-0   and Steaua won.
    A total efficiency of 25,0%.

    An equally low rate was achieved in the shootout deciding the Finnish Cup final of 1985. It was played between Haka of Valkeakoski and HJK of Helsinki, and had finished 2-2 after extra time. The keepers involved were Huttunen of Haka and Palmroos of HJK, who each got to take a penalty in the sequence of 12. Huttunen made the difference:

      Haka                 HJK
    Nissinen (held)    0-0 Rantanen (wide)     0-0
    Huoviala (wide)    0-0 Nieminen (wide)     0-0
    Mäkelä (held)      0-0 Palmroos (wide)     0-0
    Vilen (wide)       0-0 Dahllund            0-1
    Huttunen           1-1 Schutschkoff (held) 1-1
    Paatelainen        2-1 Linna (post)        2-1
    The seven consecutive initial misses probably constitute a record in themselves...

    The worst shootout in the Copa Libertadores was an equally poor affair. In the 1990 semifinal, Olimpia had lost 2-3 at home to Atlético Nacional after having won the "away" match 2-1 (that first leg was played in Santiago de Chile since the Colombian team were banned from playing at home). The away goals rule not being applied in the Copa Libertadores, and no extra time being played, the teams went straight to the penalty shootout; Nacional's keeper Higuita held 4 out of 6 shots, but his counterpart Almeida emerged victorious, in spite of setting a bad example for his team's penalty takers - like Higuita:

      Olimpia              Nacional
    Almeida (held)     0-0 Higuita (wide)      0-0
    Samaniego (held)   0-0 Hernández (held)    0-0
    Monzón             1-0 G.Gómez (wide)      1-0
    Cubilla (held)     1-0 Arango              1-1
    Amarilla (held)    1-0 F.Pérez (held)      1-1
    Suárez             2-1 unknown             2-1

    This poor record was equalled in the 2004 final of the Copa Libertadores between Boca Juniors and Once Caldas.

      Boca Juniors         Once Caldas
    Schiavi            0-0 Valentierra         0-0
    Cascini            0-0 Soto                0-1
    Burdisso           0-1 Ortegón             0-1
    Cangele            0-1 Agudelo             0-2 

    The same rate of 25,0% was "reached" after the final of the South African League Cup in 1998 between Kaizer Chiefs and Mamelodi Sundowns, who had drawn 2-2 after extra time (1-1 after 90 minutes). Kaizer won 2-1 on penalties after 12 spot kicks. The full record of the shootout:

      Sundowns              Chiefs 
    Mohlala (over)     0-0 Lebese (held)       0-0 
    Ramasike (held)    0-0 Tovey (over)        0-0 
    Manzini            1-0 Kungwane (held)     1-0 
    Masilela (over)    1-0 Madida              1-1 
    Bapela (held)      1-1 Khumalo (post)      1-1 
    Mnguni (post)      1-1 Ndlanya             1-2 
    The shoot-out between Peñarol and Nacional, after the first leg of the final of the Zona Norte of the Copa Uruguay 1996 in Paysandu had finished 1-1 after extra time, on August 24, in which only one out of nine attempts was converted, was not a normal penalty shoot-out but an American-style event starting from the centre circle.

    So, the following effort of the keepers Domínguez (Nacional) and Martínez (Peñarol) doesn't really count in this section:

      Nacional             Peñarol
    Badell (wide)      0-0 Bengoechea          0-1
    Parodi (held)      0-1 Rotundo (held)      0-1
    S.Fernández (wide) 0-1 García (held)       0-1
    Partusatti (wide)  0-1 Baltierra (late)    0-1
    Moran (held)       0-1
    [Baltierra used more than 8 seconds to take his shot.]
    On August 29, Peñarol also won the second final (3-2 in Rivera) to win the Zona Norte of the Copa Uruguay 1996.

    The overall record, however, is probably held by Hafia FC of Conakry, Guinea, and Silures of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (then Upper Volta), who, after both winning their home legs in the 2nd round of the African Champions' Cup 1979 by 1-0, made rather a mess of their penalty shoot-out in Ouagadougou: Silures won 1-0 in the end, it is not known how many penalties were taken.

    It was equalled in the semifinals of the Jhenaidah Zone qualifiers for the 2003 Bangladeshi Football League, in which Abahani Krira Chakra (Khulna) beat Confidence Cement (Barisal) by 1-0 on penalties after a 0-0 draw; it is not know whether 9 or 10 (or even more) kicks were taken.

    Likewise, the final of the Mayor's Cup in Guyana, on January 7, 2001, went to a very bad shoot-out after a 0-0 draw; Conquerors beat Santos 1-0; however, in this case, both teams only took one penalty (immediate sudden death), so the success rate was 50%.

    In amateur and youth matches probably quite different records have been set; one particular instance went over the world in January 1998: a match for the Derby's Community Cup, a competition for nine and ten years old children, between Mickleover Lightning Blue Sox and Chellaston Boys finished 1-1, and the Blue Sox won the shootout 2-1, but not until 66 penalties had been taken, an "efficiency" of 4,5%.

    Most Effective Penalty Takers

    The most effective shootout in a European final was the one between PSV of Eindhoven and SL Benfica of Lisbon in 1988, where 11 out of 12 penalties were converted, or 91,7%. The keepers involved were Silvino (Benfica) and Van Breukelen (PSV), who decided the encounter after the initial 11 kicks were converted by stopping the last effort.

      PSV                  Benfica
    Koeman             1-0 Elzo                1-1
    Kieft              2-1 Dito                2-2
    Nielsen            3-2 Hajiri              3-3
    Vanenburg          4-3 Pacheco             4-4
    Lerby              5-4 Mozer               5-5
    Janssen            6-5 Veloso (held)       6-5
    The best shootout in a Copa Libertadores final was in 1985 between Argentinos Juniors and América of Cali. Both teams had won their home match 1-0 and the playoff finished 1-1 after extra time. The shootout saw 9 out of 10 (90,0%) of the kicks converted.
      América              Argentinos Jrs.
    Gareca             1-0 Olguín              1-1
    Cabańas            2-1 Batista             2-2 
    Herrera            3-2 Pavoni              3-3
    Soto               4-3 Borghi              4-4
    De Avila (held)    4-4 Videla              4-5
    But there is, of course, better.

    The Russian Cup Final in 1994/95 between Dinamo Moskva and Rotor Volgograd finished 0-0 after extra time, including a missed penalty (on the post) by Rotor's topscorer Veretennikov after 117 minutes (!).

    The players were far more efficient in the shootout. The keepers were Smetanin (Dinamo) and Samorukov (Rotor). Smetanin was the lucky one:

      Rotor                Dinamo
    Veretennikov       1-0 S. Nekrasov         1-1
    Bondar'            2-1 Ishkinin            2-2
    Burlachenko        3-2 Samatov             3-3
    Men'schikov        4-3 Kutsenko            4-4
    Troynin            5-4 Yakhimovich         5-5
    Nechay             6-5 Bogomolov           6-6
    Zhunenko           7-6 Safronov            7-7
    Korniyets (held)   7-7 Shul'gin            7-8
    A percentage of 93,8% (15 out of 16), while the 14 initial penalties were converted.

    An even better percentage was reached in the third place match of the European Championship of 1980 in Italy. On June 21, Italy and Czechoslovakia had played a 1-1 draw (53' Jurkemik 0-1, 72' Graziani 1-1) after extra time, and the keepers Zoff and Netolicka had little impact in the shootout:

      Italy                Czechoslovakia
    Causio             1-0 Mansy               1-1
    Altobelli          2-1 Nehoda              2-2
    G.Baresi           3-2 Ondrus              3-3
    Cabrini            4-3 Jurkemik            4-4
    Benetti            5-4 Panenka             5-5
    Graziani           6-5 Goegh               6-6
    Scirea             7-6 Gajdusek            7-7
    Tardelli           8-7 Kozak               8-8
    Collovati (miss)   8-8 Barmos              8-9
    A percentage of 94,4% (17 out of 18), while the first 16 penalties were transformed into goals.

    This best percentage at a continental championship was improved at the 2006 African Cup of Nations, when Ivory Coast and Cameroon met in the quarterfinals in Cairo. All 22 players on the pitch at the end of extra time scored their spot kick following the 1-1 draw (92' Baky Koné 1-0, 95' Meyong Zé 1-1), before Cameroon striker Eto'o missed his second attempt and his Ivorian counterpart Drogba settled the tie at 12-11; neither of the two keepers Tizié and Souleymanou could stop a kick but both scored theirs:

      Cameroon             Ivory Coast
    Eto'o             1- 0 Drogba             1- 1 
    Geremi            2- 1 Kolo Touré         2- 2
    Atouba            3- 2 Baky Koné          3- 3
    Ngom Kome         4- 3 Faé                4- 4
    Meyong Zé         5- 4 Arouna Koné        5- 5
    Makoun            6- 5 Kouassi            6- 6
    Song              7- 6 Romaric            7- 7
    Saidou            8- 7 Boka               8- 8
    Douala            9- 8 Zokora             9- 9
    Bikey            10- 9 Zoro              10-10
    Souleymanou      11-10 Tizié             11-11
    Eto'o (miss)     11-11 Drogba            11-12
    A percentage of 95,8% (23 out of 24), while the first 22 penalties were transformed into goals.

    However, that was not the best ever penalty shoot-out known. On November 28, 1996, in the Turkish FA Cup 1/8 Finals in Ankara, between Gençlerbirligi and Galatasaray. The match having finished 1-1 after extra time (9' Lucacu 1-0, 52' Hakan Unsal 1-1), the poor keepers (Hayrettin from Galatasaray saw all 17 attempts go past him) had the following nightmare:

      Galatasaray          Gençlerbirligi
    Hakan Sukur       1- 0 Lucacu             1- 1
    Gheorghe Hagi     2- 1 Umit               2- 2
    Tugay             3- 2 Ilker              3- 3
    Umit              4- 3 Serdar             4- 4
    Okan              5- 4 Nihat              5- 5
    Ilyas             6- 5 Osman              6- 6
    Bekir             7- 6 Liberty            7- 7
    Iulian Filipescu  8- 7 Ali Eren           8- 8
    Bulent            9- 8 Piri               9- 9
    Vedat            10- 9 Taner             10-10
    Hayrettin        11-10 Kubilay           11-11
    Hakan Sukur      12-11 Lucacu            12-12
    Gheorghe Hagi    13-12 Umit              13-13
    Tugay            14-13 Ilker             14-14
    Umit             15-14 Serdar            15-15
    Okan             16-15 Nihat             16-16
    Ilyas (miss)     16-16 Osman             16-17
    A percentage of 97,1% (33 out of 34), while the first 32 penalties were all converted.

    [Galatasaray line-up: Hayrettin; Bulent, Vedat, Bekir; Filipescu, Tugay,
     Hagi, Ergun (98' Umit), Hakan Unsal (108' Ilyas); Hakan Sukur, Knup 
     (46' Okan); referee: Erol Ersoy, att: 15,622; all data from Hasan
     Tezcan's now defunct Galatasaray page.]

    The above record was equalled on April 26, 2011 when JK Sillamäe Kalev and JK Narva Trans played a Estonian cup semifinal which finished 1-1 after extra time. Again the first 32 penalties were scored (details are not available) before Maksim Paponov missed the 33rd penalty and Stanislav Kitto ended the contest.

    Both feats are still a European record, but as a world record it was beaten on December 20, 2009 in a match at the fourth Argentinian level for provincial clubs, the Torneo Argentino B - Interior 2009/10. In the qualifying round of the Apertura for the Ronda Final at the end of the season, General Paz Juniors from Córdoba had won their home leg 2-1 against Juventud Alianza from San Juan before losing the away leg 1-2. That implied a penalty shoot-out which may cause some bad dreams for Juventud 'keeper González (who failed to stop any of the 21 kicks aimed at his sanctuary), while his colleague Marcos De Tobillas will have happier memories after first stopping the 21st effort of Juventud and then converting the decisive penalty himself.

      Juventud Alianza     General Paz Juniors 
    Cristian Pérez    1- 0 Laborde            1- 1
    Galán             2- 1 Rodriguez          2- 2
    Rubén Ceballos    3- 2 Dalpoggetto        3- 3
    Gustavo Pacheco   4- 3 Carnero            4- 4
    F. González       5- 4 Bordicio           5- 5
    Benzi             6- 5 Gómez              6- 6
    Pascual           7- 6 Matías Leichner    7- 7
    Muńoz             8- 7 Fernández          8- 8
    Pereyra           9- 8 Federico Vaccari   9- 9
    Ruiz             10- 9 Barrera           10-10
    Amaya            11-10 M. De Tobillas    11-11
    Cristian Pérez   12-11 Rodriguez         12-12
    Galán            13-12 Dalpoggetto       13-13
    Rubén Ceballos   14-13 Carnero           14-14
    Gustavo Pacheco  15-14 Bordicio          15-15
    F. González      16-15 Gómez             16-16
    Benzi            17-16 Matías Leichner   17-17
    Pascual          18-17 Fernández         18-18
    Muńoz            19-18 Federico Vaccari  19-19
    Pereyra          20-19 Barrera           20-20
    Ruiz (held)      20-20 M. De Tobillas    20-21
    NB: it is not clear why Laborde did not take the 12th penalty.
    A percentage of 97,6% (41 out of 42), while the first 40 penalties were all converted.

    Shootouts in Semifinals and Finals

    In (at least) thirty-five competitions, both semifinals and the final were all decided by a penalty shootout. We list them in chronological order.

    In the Coupe d'Algérie of 1977/78, the semifinals were:

    USK Alger          1-1 0-0 RS Kouba              [aet, 5-4 pen]
    CM Belcourt        0-0 0-0 MP Oran               [aet, 4-3 pen]
    The final:
    USK Alger              0-0 CM Belcourt           [aet, 2-0 pen]

    In the Czechoslovak Cup of 1986/87, the semifinals were:

    Sparta Praha           1-1 Slavia Praha          [aet, Sparta 4-3 on pen]
    DAC Dunajska Streda    0-0 Plastika Nitra        [aet, DAC 6-5 on pen]
    (the first of the two served additionally as the Czech Cup Final 1986/87,
    the second as the Slovak Cup Final).
    The final:
    DAC Dunajska Streda    0-0 Sparta Praha          [aet, DAC 3-2 on pen]

    The Iraqi championship 1988/89 was played in a two-tier group stage followed by semifinals and finals; the semis were:

    Al-Zawraa              1-1 Al-Rasheed            [2-4 pen]
    Al-Tayaran             1-1 Al-Talaba             [5-6 pen]
    The championship final:
    Al-Rasheed             1-1 Al-Talaba             [5-4 pen]
    NB: it is not known whether extra time was played.

    In a four nations tournament in Dakar, Senegal, 1991, the semis were:

    Cameroon               0-0 Algeria               [Cameroon 6-5 on pen]
    Ivory Coast            0-0 Senegal               [Ivory Coast 3-2 on pen]
    The final:
    Ivory Coast            1-1 Cameroon              [Ivory Coast 3-2 on pen]
    In addition, the third place match was decided on penalties as well, Senegal beating Algeria 3-1 on penalties after a 2-2 draw.

    In the German Cup of 1991/92, the semis were:

    Hannover 96            1-1 Werder Bremen         [aet, Hannover 6-5 on pen]
    Borussia M'gladbach    2-2 Bayer Leverkusen      [aet, Borussia 2-0 on pen]
    The final:
    Hannover 96            0-0 Borussia M'gladbach   [aet, Hannover 4-3 on pen]

    In the Mitropa Cup of 1992, the semis were:

    Foggia                 2-2 Borac Banja Luka      [aet, Borac 4-2 on pen]
    Budapesti VSC          0-0 DAC Dunajska Streda   [aet, BVSC 6-5 on pen]
    The final:
    Borac Banja Luka       1-1 Budapesti VSC         [aet, Borac 5-3 on pen]
    (This was the last Mitropa Cup tournament held.)

    In the Copa Libertadores 1994, the semifinals were:

    Junior Barranquilla    2-1 Vélez Sarsfield
    Vélez Sarsfield        2-1 Junior Barranquilla   [Vélez 5-4 on pen]
    São Paulo              2-1 Olimpia Asunción
    Olimpia Asunción       1-0 São Paulo             [São Paulo 4-3 on pen]
    And the final:
    Vélez Sarsfield        1-0 São Paulo
    São Paulo              1-0 Vélez Sarsfield       [Vélez 5-3 on pen]
    [Note that no extra time is played in the Copa Libertadores, nor is there
    an away goals rule.]

    In the Paraguayan Apertura 1996, which earns the winner a place in the Copa Libertadores 1997, the semifinals were:

    Sporting Luqueño       1-1 Olimpia               [Luqueño 3-2 on pen]
    Guaraní                0-0 Cerro Porteño         [Guaraní 4-3 on pen]
    Guaraní                2-2 Sporting Luqueño      [Guaraní 5-4 on pen]

    In the 45th National Championship of Pakistan, held in Faisalabad in December 1997, the semifinals were:

    PIA                    1-1 Railways              [aet, PIA 4-2 on pen]
    ABL                    2-2 Punjab Reds           [aet, ABL 5-3 on pen]
    PIA                    1-1 ABL                   [PIA 3-1 on pen]
    NB: no extra time was played in the final.

    In the Turkish Cup of 2000/01, the semis were:

    Fenerbahçe SK          4-4 Galatasaray SK        [aet, Fenerbahçe 3-2 on pen]
    Besiktas JK            1-1 Gençlerbirligi SK     [aet, Gençlerbirligi 4-2 on pen]
    The final:
    Fenerbahçe SK          2-2 Gençlerbirligi SK     [aet, Gençlerbirligi 4-1 on pen]

    In the Copa Merconorte 2001, the semis were:

    Necaxa                 3-2 Millonarios
    Millonarios            3-2 Necaxa                [Millonarios 3-1 on pen]
    Santos Laguna          4-1 Emelec
    Emelec                 4-1 Santos Laguna         [Emelec 4-2 on pen]
    And the final:
    Millonarios            1-1 Emelec
    Emelec                 1-1 Millonarios           [Millonarios 3-1 on pen]
    Note that in this competition no extra time is played (nor is the away goal rule valid).

    In the Valentin A.Granatkin Memorial 2003, an international youth tournament, the semis were:

    China                  0-0 Belarus               [China 3-2 on pen]
    South Korea            0-0 Poland                [South Korea 5-4 on pen]
    And the final:
    South Korea            3-3 China                 [South Korea 4-3 on pen]

    In the Jamalpur Zone Qualifying Tournament for the Bangladeshi National League 2003, the semis were:

    Jagarani Club          1-1 Abdul Latif SS        [Jagarani 4-2 on pen]    
    Padma Krira Chakra     0-0 Shikkharti Sports I.  [Padma 7-6 on pen]
    And the final:
    Jagarani Club          0-0 Padma Krira Chakra    [Jagarani 3-1 on pen]
    In this competition, also two of the four quarterfinals were decided on
    Padma Krira Chakra     0-0 Mohsin Club           [Padma 4-3 on pen]
    Abdul Latif SS         0-0 Greater Baby Stand C. [Abdul Latif 5-4 on pen]

    Also in Bangladesh, in the Jamuna Zone Qualifying Tournament for the Sher-e-Bangla Cup 2004, the semis were:

    Sirajganj              2-2 Bogra                 [Sirajganj 5-4 on pen]
    Rajshahi               1-1 Naogaon               [Naogaon 5-3 on pen]
    And the final:
    Sirajganj              0-0 Naogaon               [Naogaon 3-2 on pen]

    In the Conference Promotion Playoffs 2004 for a place in the English Division Three 2004/05, the semis were:

    Aldershot Town         1-1 Hereford United
    Hereford United        0-0 Aldershot Town        [aet, Alderhot 4-2 on pen]
    Barnet                 2-1 Shrewsbury Town
    Shrewsbury Town        1-0 Barnet                [aet, Shrewsbury 4-3 on pen]
    And the final:
    Shrewsbury Town        1-1 Aldershot Town        [aet, Shrewsbury 3-0 on pen]

    In the Vodacom Challenge 2004, the semis were:

    Kaizer Chiefs          0-0 TP Mazembe            [9-8 pen]
    Orlando Pirates        2-2 AS Vita Club          [3-4 pen]
    And the final:
    Kaizer Chiefs          1-1 AS Vita Club          [3-4 pen]

    In the Kopa Amstel 2004, the 14th edition of a pre-season tournament organised by SV De Koning on Curaçao (the largest island of the Dutch Antilles), the semis were:

    Sithoc                 0-0 SUBT                  [5-3 pen]
    Centro Barber          0-0 Undeba                [4-2 pen]
    And the final:
    Centro Barber          0-0 Sithoc                [4-3 pen]

    The championship of Kenya 2004/05 was decided in a knock-out tournament between the top-2 finishers of the two groups in which the regular phase was played. The semis were:

    Mumias Sugar           0-0 Tusker                [aet, 4-5 pen]
    Mathare United         1-1 Ulinzi Stars          [aet, 0-3 pen]
    And the final:
    Ulinzi Stars           0-0 Tusker                [aet, 4-2 pen]

    In the Iranian Cup 2004/05, the semis were:

    Saba batry Tehran      4-4 Esteghlal Ahvaz       [aet, 6-5 pen]
    Fajr-Sepasi Shiraz     0-0 AbooMoslem Mashhad    [aet, 6-7 pen]
    And the 2-legged final:
    Saba batry Tehran      1-1 AbooMoslem Mashhad
    AbooMoslem Mashhad     1-1 Saba batry Tehran     [aet, 2-4 pen]

    In the Trinidad and Tobago Pro Bowl 2006, the semis were:

    W Connection           0-0 Caledonia AIA         [6-4 pen] (?)
    Defence Force          2-2 Jabloteh              [3-5 pen]
    The match for third place:
    Caledonia AIA          2-2 Defence Force         [3-1 pen]
    And the final:
    W Connection           0-0 Jabloteh              [2-3 pen]

    In the Gambia FA Cup 2009, the semis were:

    Gamtel                 0-0 Bakau United          [4-2 pen]
    Africell               0-0 Young Africans        [5-6 pen]
    And the final:
    Gamtel                 0-0 Young Africans        [1-3 pen]

    In the Oman Professional Cup 2012/13, the semis were:

    Saham                  0-0 Fanja                 [4-3 pen]
    Sur                    1-1 Dhofar                [1-4 pen]
    And the final:
    Saham                  0-0 Dhofar                [4-5 pen]
    Note that three of the four quarterfinals were also decided on penalties.

    In the Cup QG 2013 in Vietnam, the semis were:

    Dong Nai               4-4 Da Nang               [3-4 pen]
    Long An                3-3 Ninh Binh             [3-4 pen]
    Final [Sep 5]
    Da Nang                1-1 Ninh Binh             [5-6 pen]

    In the Yassir Arafat Cup 2016, the semis were:

    Markaz Balata          1-1 Al-Thahriyeh          [3-4 pen]
    Shabab Al-Khalil       1-1 Hilal Al-Quds         [5-3 pen]
    And the final:
    Shabab Al-Khalil       0-0 Al-Thahriyeh          [6-5 pen]

    One year later, in the same competition, the semis were:

    Shabab Al-Smoa         1-1 Hilal Al-Quds         [4-2 pen]
    Markaz Balata          0-0 Shabab Al-Khalil      [3-1 pen]
    And the final:
    Shabab Al-Smoa         1-1 Markaz Balata         [2-3 pen]

    In the Colombian Apertura 2018, the 2-legged semis were:

    Huila                  0-0 Nacional           
    Nacional               0-0 Huila                 [aet, 4-2 pen]
    Tolima                 1-0 Medellín           
    Medellín               1-0 Tolima                [aet, 3-5 pen]
    And the 2-legged final:
    Tolima                 0-1 Nacional           
    Nacional               1-2 Tolima                [aet, 2-4 pen]

    In the Coupe du Trône 2018 in Morocco, the semis were:

    RS Berkane             1-1 WAC Casablanca        [aet, 6-5 pen]
    WAF Fčs                1-1 Raja Casablanca       [aet, 4-3 pen]
    And the final:
    RS Berkane             2-2 WAF Fčs               [aet, 3-2 pen]

    In the Coupe de la Ligue 2018/19 in Ivory Coast, the semis were:

    LYS Sassandra          0-0 SC Gagnoa             [6-5 pen]
    AFAD Djékanou          1-1 Africa Sports         [4-1 pen]
    And the final:
    LYS Sassandra          0-0 AFAD Djékanou         [8-7 pen]

    In the African U-17 Championship 2019 in Tanzania, the semis were:

    Nigeria                0-0 Guinea                [9-10 pen]
    Cameroon               0-0 Angola                [4-3 pen]
    And the final:
    Cameroon               0-0 Guinea                [5-3 pen]

    In the Uganda Cup 2018/19, the semis were:

    First Legs 
    Bright Stars FC        1-1 Express FC
    Kyetume FC             1-2 Proline FC
    Second Legs
    Proline FC             1-2 Kyetume FC            [4-3 pen]
    Express FC             1-1 Bright Stars FC       [2-3 pen]
    And the final:
    Bright Stars FC        1-1 Proline FC            [4-5 pen]

    In the Betway Cup 2021 in Kenya, the semis were:

    AFC Leopards           0-0 Equity                [6-5 pen]
    Gor Mahia              1-1 Bidco                 [4-2 pen]
    And the final:
    AFC Leopards           0-0 Gor Mahia             [1-4 pen]

    In the Coupe du Trône 2021 in Morocco, the semis were:

    RS Berkane             2-2 CAY Berrechid         [aet, 4-3 pen]
    WAC Casablanca         0-0 FUS Rabat             [aet, 5-4 pen]
    And the final:
    WAC Casablanca         0-0 RS Berkane            [aet, 2-3 pen]

    In the Gambia FA Cup 2022, the semis were:

    Wallidan               2-2 Gunjur United         [2-1 pen]
    Brikama United         0-0 Red Hawks             [4-1 pen]
    And the final:
    Wallidan               0-0 Brikama United        [4-2 pen]

    In the Indian Super League 2022/23, the semis were:

    First Legs 
    Mumbai City FC         0-1 Bengaluru FC 
    Hyderabad FC           0-0 ATK Mohun Bagan    
    Second Legs
    Bengaluru FC           1-2 Mumbai City FC        [aet, 9-8 pen]
    ATK Mohun Bagan        0-0 Hyderabad FC          [aet, 4-3 pen]
    And the final:
    ATK Mohun Bagan        2-2 Bengaluru FC          [aet, 4-3 pen]

    In the Somali Regional State Championship 2023/24, the semis were:

    Hirschabelle           0-0 Jubbaland             [5-4 pen]
    Gobolka Banaadir       0-0 Galmudug              [4-5 pen]
    And the final:
    Galmudug               0-0 Hirschabelle          [4-1 pen]

    Highest Number of Penalties

    The longest penalty shootout in the Copa Libertadores took 26 efforts: after both semifinals in 1992 between Newell's Old Boys and América had finished 1-1, the following shootout took place in Cali:

      Newell's Old Boys    América
    Berizzo           1- 0 Da Silva           1- 1
    Zamora            2- 1 Pérez              2- 2
    Raggio            3- 2 Maturana           3- 3
    Gamboa            4- 3 Rincón             4- 4
    Garfagnoli        5- 4 Angulo             5- 5
    Berti             6- 5 Escobar            6- 6
    Pochettino (miss) 6- 6 Bermúdez (held)    6- 6
    Domizi (miss)     6- 6 Balbis (miss)      6- 6
    Saldaña           7- 6 Pimentel           7- 7
    Scoponi           8- 7 Niño               8- 8
    Berizzo           9- 8 Da Silva           9- 9
    Zamora           10- 9 Pérez             10-10
    Raggio           11-10 Maturana (held)   11-10
    The keepers were Scoponi (Newell's Old Boys) and Niño (América); as both teams had had one player sent off during the match, the order of players was repeated after 20 rather than 22 efforts.

    This series was equalled in the quarterfinals of the 2013 tournament between Boca Juniors and (again) Newell's Old Boys, who had drawn both ties 0-0:

      Newell's Old Boys    Boca Juniors
    Scocco            1- 0 Riquelme           1- 0
    Vergini           2- 0 C.Pérez            2- 1
    M.Rodríguez       3- 1 J.M.Martínez       3- 2
    Cáceres           3- 2 Somoza             3- 3
    Urruti            3- 3 Caruzzo            3- 3
    Casco             4- 3 Orión              4- 4
    Tonso             5- 4 R.Rodríguez        5- 5
    Bernardi          6- 5 Erbes              6- 6
    Orzán             6- 6 Zárate             6- 6
    Guzmán            7- 6 Marín              7- 7
    Scocco            8- 7 Riquelme           8- 8
    Vergini           9- 8 C.Pérez            9- 9
    M.Rodríguez      10- 9 J.M.Martínez      10- 9

    The above two probably were the longest penalty shoot-outs in an international competition (ahead of the African Cup of Nations quarterfinal 2006 between Ivory Coast and Cameroon), but there have been at least 11 penalty shoot-out at domestic first class level (that is, in the main domestic national cup competition or indeed in a top flight league match) involving 30 or more penalties.

    Att.Score                Match Result                Competition               Date
     48 17-16 KK Palace          2-2 Civics              NFA Cup 2004/05         23- 1-2005
     44 20-19 Argentinos Juniors 2-2 Racing Club         Argentina 1988/89       20-11-1988 
     40 16-15 Tunbridge Wells    2-2 Littlehampton Town  FA Cup 2005/06          31- 8-2005
     40 15-15 Obernai            2-2 ASCA Wittelsheim    Coupe de France 1996/97 29-10-1996
     34 17-16 Gençlerbirligi SK  1-1 Galatasaray SK      Turkish Cup 1996/97     28-11-1996
     34 16-17 JK Sillamäe Kalev  1-1 JK Narva Trans      Eesti Karikas 2010/11   26- 4-2011
     34 15-14 Olympiakos         4-4 AEK (Athinai)       Greek Cup 2008/09        2- 5-2009
     34 12-13 Xerxes             2-2 Heracles            KNVB Beker 1973/74      26- 8-1973
     34 12-13 Maccabi Herzliya   2-2 Maccabi Petah-Tikva Israeli Cup 2005/06      3- 3-2006
     30 11-12 Pogon Szczecin     0-0 Lech Poznan         Puchar Polska 2001/02   10-10-2001
     30 14-13 Sharjah            1-1 Al-Ain              Presidents Cup 2022/23  28- 4-2023
    Worth a mention are the following shoot-outs at lower levels, one from the 5th Czech league level (Zlínský krajský prebor, i.e. Zlín regional league), one from the 4th Argentinian (nationwide) league level; in both cases draws at league matches had to be resolved by a penalty shoot-out:
    Att.Score                Match Result                Competition               Date
     52 22-21 SK Batov 1930      3-3 FC Frysták          Zlín regional league     3- 6-2016
     42 20-21 Juventud Alianza   2-1 Gral. Paz Jrs.      Tn. Argentino B 2009/10 20-12-2009 

    In the Jeux de la Francophonie 2005, the third place match between Burkina Faso and Cameroon took at least 49 penalty kicks, Burkina Faso emerging 25-24 winners (the number of misses is not known). However, as that competition was played between U-20 teams, it does not count as a first class match.

    Anyway, in amateur and youth matches probably quite different records have been set; one particular instance went over the world in January 1998: a match for the Derby's Community Cup, a competition for nine and ten years old children, between Mickleover Lightning Blue Sox and Chellaston Boys finished 1-1, and the Blue Sox won the shootout 2-1, but not until 66 penalties had been taken.

    A match for the 1/16 finals of the Puchar Polska 2001/02 took 30 penalties. On October 10, 2001, Lech Poznan and Pogon Szczecin played to a 0-0 draw, and the second level hosts prevailed 12-11 over their top-level visitors after a long shoot-out in which no fewer than five players missed their second attempt (in succession!) after converting their first:

    Pogon Szczecin          Lech Poznan
    Gesior             1- 0 Wojciechowski      1- 1
    Bilinski           2- 1 Zawadzki           2- 2
    Stolarczyk         3- 2 Bugaj              3- 3
    Lawa               4- 3 Tyrajski           4- 4
    Podbrozny          5- 4 Matlak             5- 5
    Bednarz            6- 5 Michalski          6- 6
    Andruszko          7- 6 Mowlik             7- 7
    Drumlak            8- 7 Wójcik             8- 8
    Mosór (miss)       8- 8 Twardygrosz (post) 8- 8
    Kaczorowski        9- 8 Jacek              9- 9
    Olszowski         10- 9 Przerada          10-10
    Gesior            11-10 Wojciechowski     11-11
    Bilinski (held)   11-11 Zawadzki (held)   11-11
    Stolarczyk (post) 11-11 Bugaj (held)      11-11
    Lawa (held)       11-11 Tyrajski          11-12
    The keepers were Olszowski (Pogon) and Tyrajski (Lech) - the latter the hero with two converted penalties and two held.

    The Gençlerbirligi-Galatasaray 17-16 involving 34 penalties mentioned above is the fourth highest known number of penalties in a "premier" cup competition.

    The second highest total was recorded by a match in the 5th round of the French Cup 1996/97.

    On October 29, 1996, two Alsatian teams, Obernai (PH, sixth level) and ASCA Wittelsheim (N3, fifth level) played each other to a 2-2 draw after extra time, and then started an interminable shoot-out. Literally: after both teams had taken 20 penalties (so 40 in all), the score was 15-15, both having missed 5. At that stage the referee had to suspend the shoot-out due to darkness. As the fixture list was congested, the League of Alsatia (Ligue d'Alsace) decided to qualify Obernai to the 6th round of the cup, as the lower level team in the league pyramid.

    On January 23, 2005, a new record was set in the Namibian Cup 2004/05, known under its sponsored name as Tafel Lager NFA Cup. In the first round, KK Palace played Civics in Tsumeb and ninety minutes finished with a 2-2 draw. No extra time was played, but the ensuing penalty shoot-out probably took at least as long: both teams took 24 penalties, for a grand total of 48, before KK Palace had decided the tie with a 17-16 win in the shoot-out.

    On August 31, 2005, a replay in the Preliminary Round of the FA Cup between Tunbridge Wells Foresters FC and Littlehampton Town FC finished 2-2, after the first match three days earlier had finished 1-1. When extra time did not result in a change of the scoreline, the two teams both took 20 penalties before hosts Tunbridge Wells emerged 16-15 winners.

    Later in the same season, on March 3, 2006, an Israeli Cup 2005/06 match required 34 penalties, of which only 25 were converted. In the 1/8 Finals, second division Maccabi Herzliya hosted Maccabi Petah-Tikva and played to a 2-2 draw after extra time, after goals from Iliaso Isiako (6th minute) and Ohad Kadussi (117th) for the hosts and André Caldeira (71st) and Salim Tuama (120th) for the visitors. In spite of stopping three spot kicks, Herzliya 'keeper Shaul Smadja emerged as the villain of the piece, first missing a kick which would have sealed the match in Herzliya's favour and then missing his second spot kick handing the tie to the visitors. His opposing number Ohad Cohen stopped only two kicks, and missed the only one he took himself. Note that two Herzliya players (Dayhu Davis in the 43rd minute and Shai Biton in the 98th) were sent off during the match, so the series of penalty takers repeated after 9 players; the two Maccabi Petah-Tikva players who did not take a penalty in spite of being on the field at the end of the match were Marcio Giovanini and Shai Banai.

    Maccabi Petah-Tikva        Maccabi Herzliya
    Omer Golan            1- 0 Rami Abu-Laben         1- 1
    Ismail Amer           2- 1 Ami Tayer              2- 2
    Naor Passer           3- 2 Ohad Kadussi           3- 3
    Kfir Edri (miss)      3- 3 Eyal Tartatski (miss)  3- 3
    Salim Tuama (held)    3- 3 Mahran Radi (held)     3- 3
    Dovev Gabay           4- 3 Regev Volk             4- 4
    Shai David            5- 4 Eitan Azaria           5- 5
    Andre Caldeira        6- 5 Iliaso Isiako          6- 6
    Ohad Cohen (held)     6- 6 Shaul Smadja (held)    6- 6
    Ismail Amer (held)    6- 6 Rami Abu-Laben (post)  6- 6
    Omer Golan            7- 6 Ami Tayer              7- 7
    Naor Pesser           8- 7 Eitan Azarya           8- 8
    Dovev Gabay           9- 8 Ohad Kadussi           9- 9
    Andre Caldeira       10- 9 Regev Volk            10-10
    Salim Tuama          11-10 Mahran Radi           11-11
    Shai David           12-11 Eyal Tartatski        12-12
    Kfir Edri            13-12 Shaul Smadja (miss)   13-12

    On May 2, 2009, the Greek Cup final finished in a 4-4 draw after extra time; it then took 34 penalties, of which 29 were converted, to separate AEK and Olympiakos. Note that only nine players of each side were involved in the shoot-out, as Olympiakos had had two players sent off during extra time (and AEK one in the final minute of regulation time).

    AEK                              Olympiakos
    Pantelis Kafes              1- 0 Óscar González Marcos       1- 1
    Ismael Blanco               2- 1 Dudu Cearense               2- 2
    Ignacio Scocco              3- 2 Diogo Luis Santo            3- 3
    Edinho                      4- 3 Didier Domi                 4- 4
    Daniel Majstorovic (miss)   4- 4 Predrag Dordevic (miss)     4- 4
    Tamandani Nsaliwa           5- 4 Vasilis Torosidis           5- 5
    Sebastián Saja              6- 5 Fernando Belluschi          6- 6
    Agustín Pelletieri          7- 6 Antonis Nikopolidis         7- 7
    Nikolaos Georgeas (miss)    7- 7 Paraskevas Antzas (miss)    7- 7
    Pantelis Kafes              8- 7 Óscar González Marcos       8- 8
    Ismael Blanco               9- 8 Dudu Cearense               9- 9
    Ignacio Scocco             10- 9 Diogo Luis Santo           10-10
    Edinho                     11-10 Didier Domi                11-11
    Daniel Majstorovic         12-11 Predrag Dordevic           12-12
    Tamandani Nsaliwa          13-12 Vasilis Torosidis          13-13
    Sebastián Saja             14-13 Fernando Belluschi         14-14
    Agustín Pelletieri (miss)  14-14 Antonis Nikopolidis        14-15

    As an aside, the second highest total in a "first class" match was recorded in the 1988/89 Argentine Championship. Then, penalties were taken after drawn matches for an extra point, and in the match on November 20, 1988 between Argentinos Juniors and Racing Club, which had finished 2-2, 44 penalties were taken in around 50 minutes before Argentinos had emerged as 20-19 victors. The goalkeepers involved were Balerio for Racing and Goyen for Argentinos Juniors:

    Racing Club             Argentinos Juniors
    W.Fernández (miss) 0- 0 Dertycia (miss)    0- 0
    Videla             1- 0 S.González         1- 1
    Fabbri             2- 1 Cáceres            2- 2
    Olarán             3- 2 Gáspari            3- 3
    Olarticoechea      4- 3 O.Rodríguez        4- 4
    Decoud             5- 4 Rudman             5- 5
    Lamadrid           6- 5 Ereros             6- 6
    C.Vázquez          7- 6 R.Gómez            7- 7
    Costas             8- 7 Lorenzo            8- 8
    Balerio            9- 8 Goyén              9- 9
    W.Fernández       10- 9 S.González        10-10
    Videla            11-10 Gáspari           11-11
    Fabbri            12-11 Cáceres           12-12
    Olarán            13-12 O.Rodríguez       13-13
    Decoud            14-13 Dertycia          14-14
    Lamadrid          15-14 Rudman            15-15
    C.Vázquez (held)  15-15 Ereros (held)     15-15
    Costas            16-15 R.Gómez           16-16
    Olarticoechea     17-16 Lorenzo           17-17
    Balerio           18-17 Goyén             18-18
    W.Fernández       19-18 S.González        19-19
    Videla (held)     19-19 Gáspari           19-20

    Keeping Track of the Count

    The penalty shoot-out for the Dominican All Nations football competition 2002 took a week to finish - the referee had made a calculation error and erroneously declared Harlem Bombers winners after 11 penalties were taken on September 29, 2002; opponents Zebians resumed the shoot-out on October 6 and eventuall won it.

    Drawing to the Cup

    There have been numerous occasions of teams winning a knock-out tournament after winning on penalties in the quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

    The Yemen Presidents Cup 2000 was won by Al-Sha'ab Hadramaut of Mukalla. After besting Al-Ahly of Hudaida by the odd goal in three in the round of 16 (on October 6), they needed a penalty shoot-out to eliminate their namesakes, Al-Sha'ab of Ibb, by 4-3, following a goalless draw after extra time in their quarter-final tie on October 19. Eight days later, on October 27, they drew 1-1 with Hassan (of Abyan), and again won the penalty shoot-out to reach the November 8 final in Sana'a against Al-Shoala of Aden. The match ended in a barren draw after extra time, and Al-Sha'ab Hadramaut's October practice paid off in the final as well, winning 5-4 on penalties.

    In the Swaziland Challenge Cup 2001, second division side Eleven Men in Flight won each of their last three rounds on penalties. After having eliminated champions Mbabane Highlanders 2-1 in the 1/8 finals, they eliminated Moneni Pirates 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw in the quarter-finals, then Umbelebele 4-1 on penalties after a 2-2 draw in the semi-finals, and finally Mbabane Swallows 4-3 after a 1-1 draw in the final.

    In the Coupe de Bénin 2002, eventual winners (and second division side) Jeunesse Sportive de Pobč also needed penalty shoot-outs in each of the last three rounds. In the quarter-finals, they played Réquins de l'Atlantique, and after the match was abandoned on October 27 at 1-1 before the start of the second half (Pobč supporters had invaded the pitch protesting the 'keeper of Réquins was praying!), the replay on November 3 finished 1-1. Réquins won it 7-6, but as there were only six quarter-finalists, one of the quarter-final losers progressed anyway, and JS Pobč were the lucky ones. They were rewarded with another tie against Réquins, which was played on November 10, now as a semi-final, and finished 0-0. This time Pobč won the shoot-out, 4-3, and in the final on November 17 they played Mogas 20. The match finished 0-0, and a replay was set for November 24. This time it was drawn again, 1-1, and Pobč's experience in shoot-outs paid off as they emerged 3-2 winners. Following this success, they went on to win the Super Cup, still a second division side, by beating champions Dragons FC de l'Ouémé - after a replay, though not penalties.

    The Copa Simón Bolívar 2003 was won by La Paz FC, who thereby secured promotion to the Bolivian first level. After negotiating the group stage, they exchanged 1-0 home win with Primero de Mayo from Beni in the quarter-finals, winning the necessary penalty shoot-out 3-2 at home. In the semi-finals they first played home, beating Universidad de Beni 4-0 before succumbing 1-2 away. As aggregate goals are not relevant in the tournament (only aggregate points), another shoot-out was necessary, and La Paz FC won it 4-2. In the final, they met Real Santa Cruz, whom they drew 2-2 at home at 0-0 away; they then won their third consecutive shoot-out 5-4 to ensure promotion to the top level.

    The Clausura 2004 tournament in Chile was decided in a knock-out tournament between 12 teams (from 18 teams in the league). Unión Espańola, who qualified as ninth best team, eliminated three university teams on penalties successively: in the first round they played two draws with Universidad de Concepción (0-0 home, 1-1 away) before winning the penalty shoot-out 3-1 (away goals do not count); in the quarter-finals they eliminated Universidad de Chile by winning 4-3 at home, losing 2-3 away, and winning 4-2 on penalties, and in the semi-finals they accounted for Universidad Católica after winning 3-1 at home, losing by the same score away, and claiming the shoot-out by 4-3. They won all three shoot-outs away from home. However, in the final they faced no students but Cobreloa from the mine-working town of Calama and lost 1-3 on aggregate.

    The Coca Cola Cup 2007 in Botswana, the major cup tournament there, was won by Botswana Meat Commission, who negotiated each of their last three ties by penalties: in the quarterfinals they drew 0-0 against Mochudi Centre Chiefs, beaten 4-2 on penalties, in the semifinals 1-1 with Notwane, bested 5-4 on penalties, and in the final 1-1 against champions ECCO City Greens, defeated 6-5 on penalties.

    The 50th edition of the Coupe du Trone 2007 in Morocco was won by army team FAR Rabat (Forces Armées Royales) following three consecutive penalty shoot-out wins: 5-3 against MC Oujda in the quarterfinals (after a 0-0 draw), 4-3 against WAC Casablanca in the semifinals (after a 1-1 draw), and finally 5-4 against second level side Rachad Bernoussi in the final (after a 1-1 draw).

    The Commonwealth of Independent States Cup 2009 was won by Moldovan champions Sheriff Tiraspol. After easily negotiating the group stage (in which they drew their last match 0-0 against Levadia Tallinn, but they had already qualified by winning the first two matches), they drew 0-0 (winning 5-4 on penalties) against FK Ventspils in the quarterfinals, 2-2 (winning 4-3 on penalties) against Pakhtakor Toshkent in the semifinals, and 1-1 (winning 5-4 on penalties) against FK Aqtöbe in the final.

    In 2009, FAR Rabat repeated their performance of two seasons before, winning the 52nd edition of the Coupe du Trone 2009 on three consecutive penalty shoot-out wins: 4-2 against WAC Casablanca in the quarterfinals (after a 0-0 draw), 5-4 against IZ Khémisset in the semifinals (after a 0-0 draw), and finally 5-4 against promoted second level side and town rivals FUS Rabat the final (after a 0-0 draw).

    In the Latvijas Kauss 2009/10, FK Jelgava, who had started the tournaments as a second level club but obtained promotion to the first level before the 1/8 finals stage, also won the cup after three consecutive penalty shoot-out wins: 5-4 against Liepajas Metalurgs in the quarterfinals (after a 3-3 draw), 5-3 against Skonto Riga in the semifinals (after a 1-1 draw), and finally 6-5 against FK Jurmala/VV in the final (after a 2-2 draw).

    In Nigeria, Kaduna United won the Federation Cup 2010 after three successive draws followed by penalty shoot-out wins: in the quarterfinals they accounted for Ocean Boys (1-1, 5-3 on penalties), in the semifinals they eliminated Enugu Rangers (0-0, 5-4 on penalties) and in the final they defeated champions Enyimba (3-3, 3-2 on penalties).

    In Trinidad, Ma Pau won the Toyota Classic 2011 after three successive draws followed by penalty shoot-out wins: in the quarterfinals they accounted for Caledonia AIA (0-0, 5-4 on penalties), in the semifinals they eliminated San Juan Jabloteh (2-2, 5-4 on penalties) and in the final they defeated North East Stars (1-1, 3-0 on penalties).

    In Morocco, DH El Jadida won the 2013 Coupe du Trône after three successive draws followed by penalty shoot-out wins: in the quarterfinals they accounted for WAC Casablanca (1-1, 6-5 on penalties), in the semifinals they eliminated Raja Béni Mellal (2-2, 4-3 on penalties) and in the final they defeated champions Raja Casablanca (0-0, 5-4 on penalties).

    And also in Cameroon, YOSA (Young Sports Academy) de Bamenda won the 2013 Coupe du Cameroun after three successive penalty shoot-out wins (and four in total): in the quarterfinals they accounted for Panthčre Sportive du Ndé (4-2 on penalties after both had won their home leg 1-0), in the semifinals they eliminated UMS (Union des Mouvements Sportifs) de Loum (4-2 on penalties after both legs had finished 0-0) and in the final they defeated Canon Sportif de Yaoundé (0-0, 4-1 on penalties). Earlier, they had also won their match in the round of 32 against New Star FC de Douala 3-2 on penalties after a goalless draw. Only in the 1/8 finals against International SC de Douala YOSA did not need a shoot-out to progress.

    Another African case is that of Koroki de Tchamba, winners of the 2016 Coupe du 27 Avril (also known as Coupe de l'Indépendance) in Togo after three consecutive penalty shoot-out victories: against Sara Sport (0-0, 4-1 on penalties) in the quarterfinals, against Gbikinti de Bassar (0-0, 4-3 on penalties) in the semifinals, and against AS Togo-Port (1-1, 5-3 on penalties) in the final.

    LYS Sassandra won the Coupe de la Ligue 2018/19 in Ivory Coast after three successive penalty shoot-out victories: against Stella Club (1-1, 4-2 on penalties) in the quarterfinals, against SC Gagnoa (0-0, 6-5 on penalties) in the semifinals, and against holders AFAD Djékanou (0-0, 8-7 on penalties) in the final.

    FK Gagra won the David Kipiani Cup 2020 in Georgia after three successive penalty shoot-out victories: against Dila Gori (0-0, 5-3 on penalties) in the quarterfinals, against Saburtalo Tbilisi (0-0, 4-2 on penalties) in the semifinals, and against fellow second division side Samguralo Tskhaltubo (0-0, 5-3 on penalties) in the final.

    Wallidan won the GFF Cup 2022 in Gambia after three successive penalty shoot-out victories: against Elite United (0-0, 3-1 on penalties) in the quarterfinals, against Gunjur United (2-2, 2-1 on penalties) in the semifinals, and against Brikama United (0-0, 4-2 on penalties) in the final.

    Amical Club won the Coupe Région Guadeloupe 2021/22 after three successive penalty shoot-out victories: against CS Moulien (1-1, 5-4 on penalties) in the quarterfinals, against Etoile Morne-ŕ-l'Eau (1-1, 6-5 on penalties) in the semifinals, and against Solidarité Scolaire (1-1, 4-2 on penalties) in the final. In each of the previous three rounds they had progressed thanks to their opponents (Dragon, Racing Club and La Frégate) forfeiting the tie.

    Highest Number of Penalties (International Matches)

    Below is a list of all (known) international matches (men, senior level) in which a penalty shootout went to at least 19 goals.

    24-Jun-1975  Hong Kong    3-3  North Korea  (10-11 pen)   Asian Cup qualifying              
    28 penalties (21 goals, 3 saves, 4 misses)
    29-Feb-2004  Lesotho      0-0  Botswana     (10-11 pen)   COSAFA Cup round 1                
    28 penalties (21 goals, 5 saves, 2 miss)
    29-Sep-2012  Reunion      2-2  Martinique   (10-9 pen)    Coupe de l'Outre-Mer              
    26 penalties (19 goals, 7 misses/saves)
    26-Jan-1992  Ivory Coast  0-0  Ghana        (11-10 pen)   African Nations Cup final          
    24 penalties (21 goals, 1 save, 2 misses)
     4-Feb-2006  Ivory Coast  1-1  Cameroon     (12-11 pen)   African Nations Cup quarter-final  
    24 penalties (23 goals, 0 saves, 1 miss)
    30-Mar-2003  Ghana        3-3  Madagascar   (10-9 pen)    Four Nations Tournament            
    20 penalties (19 goals, 1 miss or save)

    List of Penalty Shootouts in International Country Matches (link to separate document)

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