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A national championship was first organised in 2000; it first obtained a 'regular' league format in 2007. Prior to this, the champions of the Dhaka League, which appears to have been organised since at least 1915, were considered the strongest club of the country.

National Championship

national championship
2000    Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)                Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)   
2001/02 Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)           0-0 Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)     [aet, 6-5 pen]
2003    Muktijoddha SKC (Dhaka)         1-1 Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)    [aet, 3-2 pen]
2004    Brothers Union (Dhaka)          0-0 Muktijoddha SKC (Dhaka)  [aet, 4-2 pen]
2005/06 Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)           2-0 Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)    

2007    Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)                Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)   
2008/09 Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)                Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)  
2009/10 Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)                Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)  
2010/11 Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club (Dhaka) Muktijoddha SKC (Dhaka) 
2012    Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)                Muktijoddha SKC (Dhaka) 
2012/13 Sheikh Russel KC (Dhaka)            Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club (Dhaka)
2013/14 Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club (Dhaka) Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)   
2015    Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club (Dhaka) Sheikh Russel KC (Dhaka)     
2016    Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)                Abahani Ltd. (Chittagong) 
2017/18 Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)                Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club (Dhaka)
2019    Bashundhara Kings                   Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)  
2020      abandoned
2021    Bashundhara Kings                   Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club (Dhaka)
2022    Bashundhara Kings                   Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)  
2022/23 Bashundhara Kings                   Abahani Ltd. (Dhaka)  
2023/24 Bashundhara Kings                   Mohammedan SC (Dhaka)  

Number of National Championships (20; runners-up finishes (20) between square brackets)

 7 [ 6] Abahani Ltd. 

 5      Bashundhara Kings             

 3 [ 3] Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club 

 2 [ 6] Mohammedan SC 

 1 [ 3] Muktijoddha SKC 
 1 [ 1] Sheikh Russel KC
 1      Brothers Union 

   [ 1] Abahani Ltd. (Chittagong) 

Dhaka League

1948    Victoria SC
1949    East Pakistan Gymkhana
1950    Dhaka Wanderers
1951    Dhaka Wanderers
1952    Bengal Government Press
1953    Dhaka Wanderers
1954    Dhaka Wanderers
1955    Dhaka Wanderers
1956    Dhaka Wanderers
1957    Mohammedan SC
1958    Azad Sporting
1959    Mohammedan SC
1960    Dhaka Wanderers
1961    Mohammedan SC
1962    Victoria SC
1963    Mohammedan SC
1964    Victoria SC
1965    Mohammedan SC
1966    Mohammedan SC
1967    EPIDC
1968    EPIDC
1969    Mohammedan SC
1970    EPIDC
1971      not finished
1972      not finished                      
        Champions                           Runners-Up
1973    BIDC                                Abahani KC, Mohammedan SC, Wanderers (jointly)
1974    Abahani KC                          Dilkusha SC
1975    Mohammedan SC                       BJIC
1976    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani KC
1977    Abahani KC                          Rahmatganj MFS
1978    Mohammedan SC                       Brothers Union
1979    BJMC                                Abahani KC
1980    Mohammedan SC                       BJMC
1981    Abahani KC                            not decided
1982    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani KC
1983    Abahani KC                          Mohammedan SC
1984    Abahani KC                          Mohammedan SC
1985    Abahani KC                          Brothers Union    
1986    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani KC
1987    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani KC
1988/89 Mohammedan SC                       Abahani KC
1989/90 Abahani KC                          Mohammedan SC
1991      not held
1991/92 Abahani KC                          Mohammedan SC
Premier Division League
1993    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani KC
1994    Abahani Ltd.                        Muktijoddha SKC
1995    Abahani Ltd.                        Mohammedan SC
1996    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani Ltd.
1997/98 Muktijoddha SKC                     Mohammedan SC
1999    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani Ltd.
2000    Muktijoddha SKC                     Abahani Ltd.
2001    Abahani Ltd.                        Mohammedan SC    
2002    Mohammedan SC                       Abahani Ltd. 
2003/04 Brothers Union                      Sheikh Russel KC 
2004/05 Brothers Union                      Mohammedan SC  
2005/06   not held
2006/07   not held
2007/08 Fakirerpool Young Men's Club        Sunrise SC (?)
2010    Fakirerpool Young Men's Club        Victoria SC           
2011/12   not held
2012/13 Badda Jagarani                      Jatrabari KC

NB: see below for First Division (second level) champions since 1993;
    since 2007 the Dhaka League is a regional tournament only and the top clubs
    from the capital play in the national league

Number of Dhaka League Wins (55)

 19  Mohammedan SC

 11  Abahani Ltd. (includes Abahani KC)

  7  Dhaka Wanderers

  5  BJMC (Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation)
       [includes EPIDC (East Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation),
                 BIDC (Bangladesh Industrial Development Corporation),
                 BJIC (Bangladesh Jute Industries Corporation)]

  3  Victoria SC

  2  Brothers Union 
     Fakirerpool Young Men's Club 
     Muktijoddha SKC 

  1  Azad 
     Badda Jagarani 
     Bengal Government Press 
     East Pakistan Gymkhana

Dhaka First Division League (second level)
        Champions                           Runners-Up
1993    YC Fakirerpool                      Bangladesh Boys
1994    Rahmatganj MFS                      Farashganj SC
1995    East End Club                       Bangladesh Boys
1996    Victoria SC                         Rahmatganj MFS    
1997/98 Badda Jagarani                      Mirpur Chalantika SC
1999    Victoria SC                         Dhanmondi Club
2000    Agrani Bank                         YC Fakirerpool                      
2001    Victoria SC                         Badda Jagarani     
2002    Dhaka Wanderers                     Sheikh Russel KC 
2003/04 YC Fakirerpool                      Farashganj SC and Dipali JS
2004/05 Rahmatganj MFS                      Badda Jagarani (3rd: Victoria SC) 

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