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The first national championship was apparently held in 1955. In 1946, the silver jubilee festival of the people's revolution (the first Spartakiad) included a football tournament, and it appears this was the main competition until the mid-fifties. In 1955 not only the first ever national championship was organised, but also the first ever edition of the Ulaanbaatar City champiponship.
A (semi)professional league was first organised in 1996; until then, the championship was decided by playoffs following a preliminary round between province ("aimak") or district teams as well as institutional sides (army, police, etc.) and an intermediate group stage.
Year    Champions                      Runners-Up
National Championship
1955    Soyol                          Soyol (2nd team)
1956-63   not known                    [*1]
1964    Khudulmur
1965      not held
1966    Khudulmur
1967    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1968    Darkhan
1969    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1970    Aldar (Army Sports Club)       Khudulmur
1971    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1972    Khudulmur
1973    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1974    Aldar (Army Sports Club)       Zamchin (Railwaymen)
1975    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1976    Aldar (Army Sports Club)
1977      not played?
1978    Zamchin (Railwaymen)
1979    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1980    Aldar (Army Sports Club)     
1981    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1982    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)
1983    Ajilchin [Hilchin?]
1984    Tengeriin Bugnuud (Bat Ulzii)   
1985    Khuch (Police Sports Club)     Friendship Darkhan
1986      not known (Bairamdal?)
1987    Sükhbataar (Ulaanbaatar)   5-0 Public Security Sports Association
1988    Sükhbataar (Ulaanbaatar)
1989    Khudulmur                  1-0 Sükhbataar (Ulaanbaatar) 
1990    Khuch (Police Sports Club)
1991-93   not known
1994    Khuch (Police Sports Club)
1995    Idsskh (Mongolian All-University Team)
MFF League
1996    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           Biznesijn Cengeruud
1997    Delger                     2-1 Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)  
1998    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           Delger  
1999    ITI Bank-Bars                  Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)  
2000    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           Sonor
2001    Khangarid (Erdenet)            Mon-Uran
2002    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           Khangarid (Erdenet) 
2003    Khangarid (Erdenet)        2-1 Mon-Uran
2004    Khangarid (Erdenet)        1-0 Khoromkhon (Ulaanbaatar)
2005    Khoromkhon (Ulaanbaatar)   1-0 Khangarid (Erdenet)  
2006    Khasiin Khulguud (Ulaanbaatar) Khoromkhon (Ulaanbaatar)   [*2]
2007    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)       1-0 Khangarid (Erdenet)  
2008    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)       3-1 Khoromkhon (Ulaanbaatar)
2009    Ulaanbaatar University     2-0 Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)     
2010    Khangarid (Erdenet)        2-1 Mazaalai (Ulaanbaatar)
2011    FC Ulaanbaatar             1-0 Ulaanbaatar University     [aet] 
2012    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           Khoromkhon (Ulaanbaatar)
2013    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)       0-0 Khangarid (Erdenet)        [4-1 pen]
2014    Khoromkhon (Ulaanbaatar)   1-0 Erchim (Ulaanbaatar) 
2015    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           FC Ulaanbaatar 
2016    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           Khangarid (Erdenet) 
2017    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           Ulaanbaatar City
2018    Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)           FC Ulaanbaatar 
2019    Ulaanbaatar City               Erchim (Ulaanbaatar)  
2020    Athletic 220 FC                FC Ulaanbaatar     
2021    Athletic 220 FC                Deren
2021/22 Khaan Khuns-Erchim FC          FC Ulaanbaatar     
2022/23 FC Ulaanbaatar                 Deren
2023/24 SP Falcons                     Khangarid (Erdenet)

[*1] as it was mentioned on the occasion of their championship in 1970 that Aldar had
       won the championship "many times", they presumably won several titles between
       1956 and 1963.
[*2] the 2006 championship was not held as a normal league but in two stages of four-team
       groups due to reconstruction of the only football field in Mongolia and therefore
       does not count as an official MFF League championhip.
NB: Khudulmur ("Labour") won four titles up to and including 1989 (all listed above).

MFF League Championships (28; since 1996 but without 2006):

13 Khaan Khuns-Erchim FC (Ulaanbaatar) [includes Erchim]

 4 Khangarid (Erdenet)

 2 Athletic 220 FC
   Khoromkhon (Ulaanbaatar)
   FC Ulaanbaatar

 1 Delger 
   ITI Bank-Bars 
   SP Falcons
   Ulaanbaatar City
   Ulaanbaatar University [aka Ulaanbatar DS (Ulaanbaatar Deed Surguul')]

Spartakiad Football Tournaments
Year    Champions                      Runners-Up
1946    Hilchin                        Airbase
1947    Hilchin
1948    Hilchin
1949    Hilchin
1950    Hilchin
1951    Tsereg
1952    Soyol                          Tsereg
1953      not known
1954    Soyol                          Soyol (2nd team)
1955    Soyol (2nd team)               Soyol            
1956    Khudulmur                      Aldar
1957-60   not known
1961    Aldar
NB: no later data available
Ulaanbaatar City Championship
Year    Champions                      Runners-Up
1955      not known
1956      not known
1957    Zamchin                        Khudulmur
1958    Horshoolol
NB: no later data available; it may be that some of the national championships
    above were in fact championships of the Ulaanbaatar City league.

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