Netherlands First Class West Champions 1889-1950

Final Tables First Class West

1888/89   not finished
1889/90   not finished
1890/91 H.V.V.
1891/92 R.A.P.
1892/93   not finished
1893/94 R.A.P.
1894/95 H.F.C.
1895/96 H.V.V.
1896/97 R.A.P.     
1897/98 R.A.P.
1898/99 R.A.P. 
1899/00 H.V.V.  
1900/01 H.V.V. 
1901/02 H.V.V.  
1902/03 H.V.V. and Volharding (A)
1903/04 H.B.S. and Velocitas (B)  
1904/05 H.V.V.
1905/06 H.B.S. 
1906/07 H.V.V.
1907/08 Quick (H) 
1908/09 Sparta   
1909/10 H.V.V.  
1910/11 Sparta 
1911/12 Sparta
1912/13 Sparta 
1913/14 H.V.V. 
1914/15 Sparta 
1915/16 Sparta 
1916/17 U.V.V. 
1917/18 Ajax (and A.F.C.)
1918/19 Ajax (and A.F.C.)        
1919/20 V.O.C.      
1920/21 Ajax       
1921/22 Blauw Wit 
1922/23 R.C.H.   
1923/24 Stormvogels and Feijenoord
1924/25 Sparta and H.B.S.
1925/26 Stormvogels and Feijenoord
1926/27 Ajax and Feijenoord
1927/28 Ajax and Feijenoord
1928/29 Sparta and Feijenoord
1929/30 Ajax and Blauw Wit
1930/31 Ajax and Feijenoord
1931/32 Ajax and Feijenoord
1932/33 Feijenoord and Stormvogels
1933/34 Ajax and K.F.C.
1934/35 Ajax and D.W.S.
1935/36 Ajax and Feijenoord
1936/37 Ajax and Feijenoord
1937/38 D.W.S. and Feijenoord
1938/39 D.W.S. and Ajax
1939/40 Blauw Wit and Feijenoord
1940/41 A.D.O. and V.S.V.
1941/42 A.D.O. and Blauw Wit
1942/43 Feijenoord and A.D.O.
1943/44 De Volewijckers and V.U.C.
1944/45   no competition 
1945/46 Haarlem and Ajax        
1946/47 Ajax and Blauw Wit 
1947/48 E.D.O. and Haarlem 
1948/49 V.S.V. and S.V.V.
1949/50 Ajax and Blauw Wit 

Top Champions (86 titles)

16 Ajax (Amsterdam)

13 Feijenoord (Rotterdam)

10 H.V.V. (Den Haag)

 8 Sparta (Rotterdam)

 6 Blauw Wit (Amsterdam)

 5 R.A.P. (Amsterdam)

 3 A.D.O. (Den Haag)
 3 D.W.S. (Amsterdam)
 3 H.B.S. (Den Haag)
 3 Stormvogels (IJmuiden)

 2 Haarlem
 2 V.S.V. (Velsen)

 1 E.D.O. (Haarlem)
 1 H.F.C. (Haarlem)
 1 K.F.C. (Koog aan de Zaan)
 1 Quick (Den Haag)
 1 R.C.H. (Haarlem)
 1 S.V.V. (Schiedam)
 1 U.V.V. (Utrecht)
 1 Velocitas (Breda)
 1 V.O.C. (Rotterdam)
 1 De Volewijckers (Amsterdam)
 1 Volharding (Amsterdam)
 1 V.U.C. (Den Haag)

Notes and Trivia:

There have been 58 years in which a competition of the Eerste Klasse West was finished, 61 in which it was started. In 28 of those, two separate sections were in operation; this does not include the "Margarine Eerste Klasse" of 1917/18 and 1918/19, twice won by A.F.C., as this consisted of Tweede Klasse clubs of 1916/17 only, which all (except for A.F.C., who were promoted) went back to the "intermediate class" of 1919/20.

Of those 61 seasons, Sparta participated in most: 54. They are followed by H.B.S. (53, and never relegated), Haarlem (47), D.F.C. (Dordrecht, 44), H.V.V. (44), H.F.C. (42), Ajax (35), Blauw Wit (31), Feijenoord (28, never relegated), Stormvogels (25), 't Gooi (Hilversum, 23), A.D.O. (22, never relegated), Hermes/D.V.S. (Schiedam) and V.S.V. (both 21 and never relegated), Quick and V.U.C. (19), V.O.C. and Xerxes (Rotterdam, 18, Xerxes never relegated), Hercules (Utrecht) and R.C.H. (17), D.H.C. (Delft) and U.V.V. (16), and D.W.S., E.D.O. and Excelsior (Rotterdam, all 15, D.W.S. never relegated). Also, Ajax (Leiden) and its successor A.S.C. (after merger with Sportman) played 15 seasons in the Eerste Klasse.

Rotterdam, Den Haag and Haarlem are the only cities to have had eerste klasse teams in every season since 1890/91, 59 seasons in all. Of those, Rotterdam had most different ones: 16 (Celeritas, Concordia, C.V.V., D.V.S, Excelsior, Feijenoord, Neptunus, Olympia, Overmaas, Rapiditas, R.C. & V.V., R.F.C., Sparta, Victoria, V.O.C., and Xerxes). Amsterdam, who were without representation in the Eerste Klasse for 8 seasons, had 11 (A.F.C., Ajax, Blauw Wit, D.E.C., D.W.S., R.A.P., De Spartaan, De Volewijckers, Volharding, V.V.A., Zeeburgia), Den Haag 5 (all mentioned above, as all won championships), and Haarlem 4 (also all having won championships; Excelsior of Haarlem played in the two unofficial competitions of 1888/1889 and 1889/1890 and are the only of the clubs in those competitions never to have played in the official championships). Dordrecht (D.F.C, Emma, and O.D.S.) and Utrecht (D.O.S., Hercules and U.V.V.) each had 3 different clubs at the highest level, Breda (Velocitas and 't Zesde), Hilversum ('t Gooi and Hilversum) and Schiedam (Hermes/D.V.S. and S.V.V.) each had 2. (Breda had more in the Eerste Klasse Zuid set up later). Of those, Dordrecht and Hilversum never saw a derby at the highest level, despite having two teams at the highest level at once (8 consecutive seasons for 't Gooi and Hilversum for instance), as the clubs were always kept apart and assigned to different groups.

Ajax, Feijenoord and H.V.V. each won 4 consecutive titles; R.A.P. and Sparta won 3 consecutive titles in the years of a solitary Eerste Klasse West. Feijenoord never finished outside the top-3 in their class during their first 19 seasons after promotion to it (from 1921/22 to 1939/40). The clubs from the Eerste Klasse West were the most frequent winners of the national championship; until 1914/15 a club from the West won the Dutch title every season; the first to miss out was Sparta in 1915/16 when they finished third behind Willem II and Go Ahead. The western clubs to win the title until 1949/50 were: Ajax and H.V.V. (8), Feijenoord and Sparta (5), H.B.S. (3), A.D.O. and R.A.P. (2), Haarlem, Quick, R.C.H., S.V.V. and De Volewijckers (1).

In the four years of redistributed eerste klasses, only R.C.H. (now playing in Heemstede) won the national title as a team from the former Eerste Klasse West; the other 3 (and the 2 in the years of professional football before introduction of the eredivisie) all went to the South. Amsterdam got a 12th Eerste Klasse team (D.W.V.), Dordrecht and Utrecht a 4th (E.B.O.H. and Elinkwijk, respectively), and Amersfoort earned the 2nd Eerste Klasse team (H.V.C., who got promoted in 1953/54 and played in the first professional season, 50 years after Quick had been moved to the Eerste Klasse Oost (where they only played 3 more seasons). The clubs from the West to retain Eerste Klasse status in all four seasons were: A.D.O., Ajax, Blauw Wit, D.O.S., D.W.S., E.D.O., Emma, Feijenoord, 't Gooi (relegated in 1953/54), Haarlem, H.B.S. (relegated for the first time in their history and after an unbroken sequence of 57 years in Eerste Klasse the year before the introduction of professionalism in 1953/54), Hermes/D.V.S., R.C.H. (relegated in 1953/54), Sparta, S.V.V., De Volewijckers, V.S.V., and Xerxes.

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