Congo-Kinshasa (DR Congo; formerly Zaire) - Regional Champions

Stanley Pool Championship 1923-1950
Léopoldville 1917/18-1949/50
Ligue de Football de Katanga 1925-1950
National Championships Congo-Kinshasa/Zaire

Capital City Provincial League

Kinshasa (EPFKIN)

NB: town called Léopoldville in colonial time;
    in 1924, Association Sportive Congolaise started an annual league for Africans

Ed. Year (edition count includes Léopoldville 1917/18-1949/50)
    1956/57 AS Vita Club (beat FC Royal Léo Sport in the final)
    1958    AS Vita Club 
    1960/61 Union
    1961/62 Union
    1965    AS Vita Club 
    1966/67 Dragons  
    1967/68 AS Vita Club 
    1968/69 AS Vita Club 
    1972/73 CS Imana 
    1974/75 AS Vita Club 
    1980/81 AS Nomades (Matonge)
    1988/89 US Tsimo Sport
    1989/90 US Tsimo Sport
    1990/91 TP Bingo
    1991/92 AS Vita Club 
    1992/93 AS Vita Club 
    1993/94 DC Motema Pembe
    1998/99 AS Paulino   
 82 1999/00 DC Motema Pembe
 83 2000/01 AS Vita Club
 84 2001/02 AS Vita Club
 85 2002/03 DC Motema Pembe
 86 2003/04 AS Vita Club
 87 2004/05 AS Vita Club
 88 2005/06 DC Motema Pembe
 89 2006/07 DC Motema Pembe
 90 2007/08 AS Canon Buromeca
 91 2008/09 AS Vita Club 
 92 2009/10 AS Vita Club 
 93 2010/11 AS Vita Club 
 94 2011/12 SC Rojolu
 95 2012/13 Shark XI FC
 96 2013/14 Racing Club de Kinshasa
 97 2014/15 Arc-en-ciel
 98 2015/16 FC Renaissance du Congo
 99 2016/17 AC Rangers
100 2017/18 JS Kinshasa
101 2018/19 AC Kuya
102 2019/20 FC Dijack   
103 2020/21 New Jak FC

AS Vita Club won 27 titles up to and including 2009;
DC Motema Pembe (formerly CS Imana) won 20 titles up to and including 2007.
The editions starting from 2012 did not include the traditional top-2, involved 
in the national league; Rojolu, Shark XI and RCK all did not win the league prior
to their titles in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.

NB: editions include all Léopoldville championships 1918-1950.

Other Provincial Leagues


NB: comprises (among others) Bandundu, Bulungu, Idiofa, Inongo, Kenge,
    Kikwit, Mushie

2001    AS Anges Noirs (Kikwit)
2002    CS Matiti Mabe (Bandundu)
2003    AS Vutuka (Kikwit)
2004    AS Anges Noirs (Kikwit)
2005    FC Makila Mabe (Kikwit)
2006    FC Makila Mabe (Kikwit)
2007    AS Momekano (Bandundu)
2008    AS Ndombe (Bandundu)
2010    AS Vutuka (Kikwit)
2014    AS Saint-Hyppolite

NB: the 2014 edition was the 20th
Bas-Congo (LIFBACO) - renamed Province Central (LIFCOCE) 2015
NB: comprises (among others) Boma, Kimpese, Kisantu, Kwilu-Ngongo,
    Lukala, Matadi, Mbanza-Ngungu, Muanda, Songololo, Tshela

1935      not known
1965-81   not played
1982    AS Sucrière (Kwilu-Ngongo)
1983    SC Cilu (Lukala)
1984    SC Cilu (Lukala)
1985    AC CMDC [aka CMZ] (Matadi)
1986    AC CMDC (Matadi)
1987    SC Motema Pembe (Boma)
1988    AC CMDC (Matadi)
1989    SC Amicale (Matadi)
1990    AS Sucrière (Kwilu-Ngongo)
1991    Tout Grand Raci (Moanda)
1992    FC OCC (Matadi)
1993    FC OCC (Matadi)
1994    AS Veti Club (Matadi)
1995    Tout Capable Elima (Matadi)
1996    AS Sucrière (Kwilu-Ngongo)
1997    AS Sucrière (Kwilu-Ngongo)
1998    AS Sucrière (Kwilu-Ngongo)
1999    AS Sucrière (Kwilu-Ngongo)
2000    Inter Club Onatra (Matadi)
2001    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2002    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2003    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2004    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2005    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2006    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2007    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2008    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2009    Tout Capable Elima (Matadi)
2010    Tout Capable Elima (Matadi)
2011    AS Veti Club (Matadi)
2012    Tout Capable Elima (Matadi)
2013    FC Tonnerre (Matadi)
2014    FC Tonnerre (Matadi)
2015-19   not known
2019/20 TP Mazembe Kasangulu (Kasangulu)
2021    JS 4 Etoiles (Kisantu)
2022    Heaven FC (Matadi)

NB: TC Elima's title in 2009 reportedly was their 7th overall

Bas-Congo 1935

Coupe du Bas Congo 1935 [aka Championnat Matadi-Boma-San Salvador]

Organised by the Association Sportive de Matadi, which comprised eight clubs
divided into two division:

   Union Royale
   Esportes Salvador [*]

[*] from São Salvador do Congo, now called M'banza Kongo (in Angola)
NB: comprises (among others) Basankusu, Boende, Bumba, Gbadolite, Gemena,
    Ikela, Mbandaka, Zongo

2000    Ban'Ekanga (Mbandaka)
2001    FC Lumière (Mbandaka)
2002    Tout Puissant Molunge (Mbandaka) [formerly SC Scibe]
2003      not organised
2005    Tout Puissant Molunge (Mbandaka)
2006    Tout Puissant Molunge (Mbandaka)
2007    AS Lokole (Bumba)
2008    Tout Puissant Molunge (Mbandaka)
2010    Tout Puissant Molunge (Mbandaka)
2012      suspended
2014    Véa Sport (Mbandaka)
2019    FC Salongo (Bumba)
2021    DCMP Bumba    
Kasaï-Occidental (LIFKOC)
NB: comprises (among others) Ilebo, Kananga, Luebo, Tshikapa

2000    AS Saint-Luc (Kananga)
2001    AS Saint-Luc (Kananga)
2002    AS Saint-Luc (Kananga)
2003    Tout Violent Tshipepele (Kananga)
2004    Bakolo Mboka (Tshikapa)
2006    US Tshinkunku (Kananga)
2007    US Tshinkunku (Kananga)
2008    US Tshinkunku (Kananga)
2010    US Tshinkunku (Kananga)
2014    AS Saint-Luc (Kananga)
2020/21 AS Bakolo Mboka (Tshikapa)
Kasaï-Oriental (LIFKOR)
NB: comprises (among others) Gandajika, Kabinda, Lodja, Mbuji-Mayi,

2001    Sa Majesté Sanga Balende (Mbuji-Mayi)
2003    Sa Majesté Sanga Balende (Mbuji-Mayi)
2006    AS Mabela a Bana
2008    Sa Majesté Sanga Balende (Mbuji-Mayi)
2010    AS Bantous (Mbuji-Mayi)                
2014    AS Bantous (Mbuji-Mayi)                
2021    RC Canon Winner's (Mbuji-Mayi)                
Katanga (LIFKAT) [aka Shaba]
NB: comprises (among others) Kalemie, Kamina, Kolwezi, Likasi, Lubumbashi

See Katanga Champions 1925-1950 for Ligue de Football du Katanga, founded
in Elisabethville (since 1966 called Lubumbashi) in 1911.

In 1950, the 'black' Elisabethville Football Association (FASI, Fédérations
et Associations Sportives Indigènes), founded in 1925, had over 30 affiliated
clubs, competing in four leagues divided over 3 divisions and including
Englebert FC (later TP Mazembe), Kipushi, Lubumbashi Sports, Saint-Eloi,
Vaticano FC, Union Sportive Militaire Saio and Empire Lunda, among others.

A Katanga representation organised by the FASI played in a 
'sub-Saharan championship 1950'.

1937      not known
1939    Club Léopold (Elisabethville)
1946    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1950    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1954    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1955    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1956    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1957    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1958    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1959    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1960    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1961    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1962    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1963    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Elisabethville)
1964    Lubumbashi Sports (Elisabethville)
2001    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi)
2003    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi)
2005    JS Likasi (Likasi)
2006    Tout Puissant Mazembe (Lubumbashi) 
2007    Tout Puissant Mazembe (Lubumbashi) 
2008    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi)
2009    Tout Puissant Mazembe (Lubumbashi) 
2010    Tout Puissant Mazembe (Lubumbashi) 
2011    Tout Puissant Mazembe (Lubumbashi)  
2012    CS Don Bosco (Lubumbashi)
2015    AS New Soger (Lubumbashi)
2016      not known
2017    Ecofoot Katumbi (Lubumbashi)
2018    FC Simba (Kolwezi)
2019    Eagle Joli (Lubumbashi)
2020      annulled

NB: SCOM Mikishi entered 2003 LINAFOOT as 2002 Katanga representative;
    missing years not known


1e Division (3 clubs)
   Prince Charles
   Prince Léopold
   Elisabéthville FC
2e Division (3 clubs)
   Prince Albert
3e Division (5 clubs)
   Diables Rouges


Top of Final Table:

 1.Club Léopold                [now FC Vijana Katuba]
 2.Club Prince Charles         [now Lubumbashi Sports]
 3.FC St-Georges               [now TP Mazembe]
NB: the eastern province of Kivu was split into Nord-Kivu, Sud-Kivu and Maniema in 1988.
    Its capital was Bukavu (called Costermansville until 1947).  During the colonial
    era (until 1960), football competitions organised there included the Championnat 
    de l'Est (known winners listed below) and various cup tournaments: the coupe Mombaerts,
    the challenge du CNKI, the coupe De Bève, the coupe Heus, the coupe Lanson, the coupe
    Sabena and the coupe "parrainage"; clubs from Usumbura (now Bujumbura, capital of
    Burundi) entered most of these competitions.

1946-49  not known (3-team competition between KFC (Kivu FC), BFC (Bukavu FC) and UFC (Usumbura FC))
1949/50 Victory             (team of the Collège Notre Dame de la Victoire)
1950/51 Victory             (runners-up: BFC)
1951/52 Sporting d'Usumbura (runners-up: Victory)
1952/53   not known
1953/54 BFC                 (runners-up: UFC)
1954/55 ARC                 (team of the Athénée)
1955/56   not known
1956/57 ARC
1957/58 Sporting d'Usumbura
1958/59 Victory 
1959/60   competition abandoned (due to independence)

NB: missing years not known; source: Luc Van Gremberghe.
NB: comprises (among others) Kindu

2002    OC Dynamique (Kindu)
2003    OC Dynamique (Kindu) (or not organised?)
2005    AC Mbilingos (Kindu)
2006    AS Maniema Union (Kindu)
2008    AS Maniema Union (Kindu)
2010    AS Njadi (Kindu)               
2012    AS Maniema Union (Kindu)   
2014    AS Kamisungu (Kalima)
Nord-Kivu (LIFNOKI)
NB: comprises (among others) Beni, Bunia, Butembo, Goma

2003    US Ban-Kin (Goma) [*]
2006    DC Virunga (Goma)
2008    DC Virunga (Goma)
2010    DC Virunga (Goma)            
2012    AS Dauphin Noir (Goma)
2015    US Sokozaki (Butembo)
2016     not known
2018   AS Capaco (Béni) 
2019     not known
2021   US Socozaki (Butembo)

[*] AC Capaco (Beni) entered LINAFOOT 2004
Province Orientale
NB: comprises (among others) Kisangani
2003    Tout Solide Malekesa (Kisangani)
2006    AS Nika (Kisangani)
2007    Tout Solide Malekesa (Kisangani)
2008    Tout Solide Malekesa (Kisangani)
2010    AS Nika (Kisangani)            
2013    CS Monama (Kisangani)
2014    Eldorado (Bunia)
2019    Dynamique FC de Kisangani 
2022    AS Nouvelle Espérance de Kisangani
Sud-Kivu (LIFSKI)
NB: comprises (among others) Bukavu

2003    OC Muungano (Bukavu)
2006    OC Muungano (Bukavu)
2008    Ibanda Sport (Bukavu)
2010    FC Ajax (Bukavu)                             
2012    OC Bukavu Dawa (Bukavu)                 
2014    OC Bukavu Dawa (Bukavu)
2021    Ibanda Sport (Bukavu)
2022    OC Chaux Sport (Katana) 

Other City Leagues

Boma (EUFBOMA) [Bas-Congo province]

2004    AS Vuvu
2018    Lako Namputu          
2020      abandoned

NB: AS Bilima Kuata Bora Panga Panga (Boma) were reported not to have won
    the league for 10 years in 2004
Bukavu [Sud-Kivu province]
NB: town called Costermansville in colonial time

1952    Alberta-Katanga
1953    Alberta-Katanga
1956    KEFC
1958    KEFC
1960    Olympique
1961    Olympique
1962    Espoir FC
1963    Olympique
1964    Olympique
1965    FC Bralima 
1965/66 FC IRSAC Lwiro
1966    Espoir FC 
1967    Espoir FC
1968    Aigle Sport Makasi
1970    Olympique
1971    Olympique
1972    FC Hydro Sport/AS Ruzizi
1973    FC Zaïre Banque
1975    Espoir FC
1976    Espoir FC
1977    Espoir FC
1978    Olympique
1979    Union Sport d'Or
1980    Union Sport d'Or
1981    Union Sport d'Or
1982    Olympique
1983    FC Rehisport Mayomoto
1984    Union Sport d'Or
1992/93 US Safari
1993/94 Union Sport d'Or
1994/95 Union Sport d'Or
1996    US Bilombe
1997/98 CS Bande Rouge
1998/99 Espoir FC
2000/01 OC Bukavu Dawa
2001/02 OC Bukavu Dawa
2002/03 OC Muungano
2003/04 CS Bande Rouge or OC Muungano (shared?)
2004/05 OC Bukavu Dawa
2005/06 OC Bukavu Dawa
2007/08 OC Bukavu Dawa
2008/09 OC Bukavu Dawa

NB: CS Bande Rouge were formerly named Olympique;
    OC Muungano were formerly named Union Sport d'Or;
    OC Bukavu Dawa were formerly named Espoir FC

Source: P. Kashema, "Contribution du football au cosmopolisme de la ville de Bukavu (1950-2010)",
        as cited on Mbokamosika
NB: town called Albertville in colonial time

1957/58 Racing Club CFL 
Kikwit (EUF-Kikwit) [Bandundu province]
2005    FC Makila
2006    FC Makila
2012      not known
Kolwezi [Katanga province]
1999    US GEXKOL
2017    CS Manika 
Lubumbashi (EFLU) [Katanga province]
NB: town called Elisabethville in colonial time

1947    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1956    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo
1957    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo
1958    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo
1959    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo
1964    FC Lubumbashi Sports
1965    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1966    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1968    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo 
1971    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1973    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1974    FC Lubumbashi Sports
1975    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1976    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1977    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1978    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1984    FC Lubumbashi Sports
1986    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1988    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1994      FC Lubumbashi Sports or Tout Puissant Mazembe 
1995    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1997    Tout Puissant Mazembe
1999    Tout Puissant Mazembe
2000    Tout Puissant Mazembe   
2002    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo
2003    Tout Puissant Mazembe
2004    Tout Puissant Mazembe

2009    FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo

NB: FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo won the EFLU league 25 times in all up
    to 2003 but other seasons are not known
Matadi (EUFMAT) [Bas-Congo province]
NB: in 1935, two divisions existed, both containing 4 clubs: the Division Seniores,
    with Coqs, Union Royale, Amicale and Baudouin, and the Division Juniores, with
    Club Léopold, Esportes Salvador, Matadi and Anvers; apparently all clubs were
    "European" ones.

1950    Tout Capable Elima
1951    Tout Capable Elima 
1952    Tout Capable Elima 
1953    Tout Capable Elima 
1954    Tout Capable Elima 
1955    Tout Capable Elima 
1956    AS Veti Club
1957    AS Veti Club
1958    SC Amicale 
1959    Tout Capable Elima 
1960    Tout Capable Elima
1961    AS Veti Club
1962    AS Veti Club
1963      not awarded (?) 
1964    Tout Capable Elima 
1965    AS Veti Club
1966    SC Amicale 
1967    Tout Capable Elima 
1968    Tout Capable Elima 
1969    Vaticano
1970    Tout Capable Elima 
1971    Tout Capable Elima 
1972    AS Veti Club
1973    Tout Capable Elima 
1974    AS Veti Club
1975    Tout Capable Elima 
1976    Inga Sport
1977    Tout Capable Elima 
1978    Inga Sport
1979    CS Mbenga
1980    FC Petro Sport
1981    AS Veti Club
1982    FC Nzanza Sport
1983    CS Imana
1984    FC Petro Sport
1985    AC CMDC 
1986    AC CMDC 
1987    AS Veti Club
1988    AC CMDC 
1989    AC CMDC 
1990    AC CMDC
1991    FC OCC
1992    FC OCC
1993    FC OCC 
1994    AS Veti Club 
1995    Tout Capable Elima 
1996    Tout Capable Elima 
1997    Inter Club Onatra 
1998    Inter Club Onatra 
1999    Inter Club Onatra 
2000    Inter Club Onatra 
2001    AS Veti Club
2002    AS Veti Club
2003    FC OCC
2004    AS Veti Club
2012    FC Tonnerre
Mbanza-Ngungu [Bas-Congo province]
2004    SC Cilu (Lukala)
2007    SC Cilu (Lukala)
Mbuji-Mayi (EUFMAYI) [Kasaï-Oriental province]
1966    Diables Rouges
1998    AS Vita Club
2002    Sa Majesté Sanga Balende
2003    Sa Majesté Sanga Balende
2004    AS Vita Club
2006    OC Mbongo Sport
2007    TP Yanan
2008    Sa Majesté Sanga Balende

NB: AS Vita Club only won in 1998 and 2004
Mwene-Ditu [Kasaï Oriental province]
2019    AS Makinku

National Championships Congo-Kinshasa/Zaire

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