Zambia Champions

The first FA to be formed in current Zambia was the Broken Hill Amateur Football Association in 1922 (Broken Hill is nowadays called Kabwe; strong local teams in the early 1930s were Mine and Railways), which was followed by the Rhodesia Congo Border Football Association in 1927 and the Livingstone and District Football Association in 1928; these three formed the Northern Rhodesia Football Association in November 1929, which was joined by the Lusaka and District Football Association in 1934. All federations organised their own competitions, with those of the Rhodesia Congo Border Football Association also open to clubs from the southern border region of (then) Congo-Léopoldville (e.g. from towns such as Jadotville (now Likasi), Kolwezi and Elisabethville (now Lubumbashi)).

In 1961, a league championship of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (corresponding to current Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe) was organised but aborted.

1962  Roan United
1963  Mufulira Wanderers
1964  City of Lusaka
1965  Mufulira Wanderers
1966  Mufulira Wanderers
1967  Mufulira Wanderers
1968  Kabwe Warriors
1969  Mufulira Wanderers
1970  Kabwe Warriors
1971  Kabwe Warriors
1972  Kabwe Warriors
1973  Zambia Army (Lusaka)
1974  Zambia Army (Lusaka)
1975  Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
1976  Mufulira Wanderers
1977  Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
1978  Mufulira Wanderers
1979  Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
1980  Nchanga Rangers
1981  Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
1982  Nkana Red Devils (Kitwe)
1983  Nkana Red Devils (Kitwe)
1984  Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
1985  Nkana Red Devils (Kitwe)
1986  Nkana Red Devils (Kitwe)
1987  Kabwe Warriors
1988  Nkana Red Devils (Kitwe)
1989  Nkana Red Devils (Kitwe)
1990  Nkana Red Devils (Kitwe)
1991  Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
1992  Nkana FC (Kitwe)
1993  Nkana FC (Kitwe)
1994  Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
1995  Mufulira Wanderers
1996  Mufulira Wanderers
1997  Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
1998  Nchanga Rangers
1999  Nkana FC (Kitwe)
2000  Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
2001  Nkana FC (Kitwe)
2002  Zanaco (Lusaka)
2003  Zanaco (Lusaka)
2004  Red Arrows (Lusaka)
2005  Zanaco (Lusaka)
2006  Zanaco (Lusaka)
2007  Zesco United (Ndola)
2008  Zesco United (Ndola)
2009  Zanaco (Lusaka)  
2010  Zesco United (Ndola)
2011  Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
2012  Zanaco (Lusaka)  
2013  Nkana FC (Kitwe)
2014  Zesco United (Ndola)
2015  Zesco United (Ndola)
2016  Zanaco (Lusaka)  
2017  Zesco United (Ndola)
2018  Zesco United (Ndola)
2019  Zesco United (Ndola)
2020  Nkana FC (Kitwe)
2021  Zesco United (Ndola)
2022  Red Arrows (Lusaka)
2023  Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
2024  Red Arrows (Lusaka)

Number of Titles (63):

13 Nkana FC (Kitwe) [includes Nkana Red Devils]

 9 Mufulira Wanderers 
   Zesco United (Ndola) [Zesco = Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation]

 7 Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
   Zanaco (Lusaka) [Zanaco = Zambia National Commercial Bank]

 6 Green Buffaloes (Lusaka) [includes Zambia Army]

 5 Kabwe Warriors

 3 Red Arrows (Lusaka)

 2 Nchanga Rangers (Chingola)  

 1 City of Lusaka
   Roan United (Luanshya)    

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